Vantage Point Introduces BETTI Box for Network Performance Testing

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MITCHELL, SD — Vantage Point Solutions, a national provider of engineering and consulting services for broadband providers and data network operators, announced the launch of BETTI Box, a combination product-service that collects network performance testing data required by the FCC.

Broadband Evaluation, Testing, and Tracking Instrument
The BETTI Box, which stands for Broadband Evaluation, Testing, and Tracking Instrument, is a combination of custom-built performance testing devices and a dedicated company portal. The small, low-power BETTIs are installed into subscriber homes to perform network speed and latency tests as required by a recent FCC order. BETTIs then remit the information to a secure company portal where network operators can manage and monitor network devices, view test location performance, troubleshoot network issues, and generate custom reports, among other activities.

“BETTI Box was designed to be a turn-key solution,” says Andy Deinert, network & security services manager at Vantage Point Solutions. “It meets all of the testing requirements, gives easy insights into network performance, and has minimal network and operational impact. We work with network operators every day — we know how they work, what kind of information and access they need. We built BETTI Box to give them exactly that.”

Advantages of a Vendor-Agnostic Solution
The BETTI Box system is vendor-agnostic and works on all networks, including DSL, Wireless, FTTH, and Cable. The devices are portable and not customer-specific, easing the burden of switching testing locations every two years as required. BETTI Box devices are also intelligent, autodetecting customer location, IP address, and time zone.

Most importantly, it works: the BETTI Box is field tested. Vantage Point has performed over 50,000 tests with this technology, according to Sr. Technology Leader Jon Brown. “Companies have used this core technology for years to self-test their own networks and for competitive analysis. It just made sense to offer it to companies that need to report network performance testing data, especially because we didn’t see a lot of easy options available for our clients.”

In addition to speed and latency performance testing, BETTI Box includes a range of features designed with network operators and managers in mind. While built-in reports translate raw data into FCC-compliant reports, additional custom reports can be run to look at various insights across the network.

BETTI Box is also easy to use and backed by Vantage Point experts. “It’s plug-and-play. BETTI boots in seconds, auto-configures, then you’re ready to go,” Deinert says. “And if there are questions or problems, Vantage Point is right behind you. The same trained, certified technicians that companies trust with their networks – we’re the same technicians that designed the BETTI Box system.”

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