VC Co-op Quickly Converts Subscribers to Innovative Systems Middleware

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WESTBY, WI – After dipping their toes into the IPTV middleware conversion pool, Emily Rozeske, member relations manager for Vernon Communications Cooperative (VC Co-op) in Westby, Wisconsin, said they felt the water was warm enough to dive right into the project. After the decision was made to go with the Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware Solution the plan was to start with one of their smaller exchanges and then wait for about one week to see the volume of support issues that they might have from the conversion.

As the week went by, they found that support calls were lower than expected, causing them to ramp up the conversion schedule. Rozeske said they decided to aggressively convert one exchange every other day and ended up converting 3500 members with approximately 7500 set top boxes in less than a month's time.

Plug and Play Marketing Materials Helped with the Rapid Conversion
Rozeske says she appreciated the groundwork of pre-produced video tutorials, which allowed
Vernon to set up an educational channel where they looped how to's of the most important video features of the new middleware. They also took advantage of the remote control and DVR tri-fold brochures that were pre-designed and put the Vernon branding on them for distribution to their customers. Rozeske advises anyone taking on a conversion of this size to take advantage of all your available mediums — TV, web and print, to educate customers, as it allows them to learn many things about the new product without having to call in to ask.

Analytics Tools Adds New Perspective
Now for the first time Rozeske says she can see what channels are most favored by Vernon's
members with the integrated channel stats tool. This feature allows a service provider to
perform various searches on customer channel viewing behaviors that can be exported into
spreadsheets and used for negotiations with the broadcasters.


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