Verizon FiOS Customers Get Faster Wi-Fi with New Quantum Gateway Router

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NEW YORK — With people increasingly depending on Wi-Fi for watching high-definition video, uploading photos and videos, working from home, video conferencing and more, the Wi-Fi router may be the most essential yet overlooked technology in the home. Now, Verizon FiOS customers can order the most powerful router available, the new FiOS Quantum Gateway, capable of delivering wireless download speeds as high as 800 megabits per second, greater range within the home or business, and the ability to support a growing number of devices — all while delivering a best-in-class experience.

Developed by Verizon and Greenwave Systems, on Greenwave’s Axon software platform for enabling network-based services, the FiOS Quantum Gateway delivers a whole-home network signal that ranks among the most powerful in the market to meet customers’ tech needs. Customers can immediately order the new router by visiting

Delivering Download Speeds up to 800 Mbps Wirelessly
The FiOS Quantum Gateway features dual-band concurrent technology that separates high-bandwidth activities like HD video streaming and online gaming from lower-bandwidth data consumption, creating a superior in-home experience. It can produce a signal that delivers download speeds up to 800 Mbps wirelessly — nearly 1 gigabit — and an unobstructed Wi-Fi range up to 325 feet.

“We are all bringing more Internet-connected devices into our homes and businesses,” said Guru Pai, Verizon’s senior vice president and chief product officer. “The FiOS Quantum Gateway router enhances our customers’ ability to do everything they want — simultaneously stream videos, download and upload photos, support multiplayer gaming, and use multiple devices and enjoy content from anywhere in the home.”

Future Updates Delivered Seamlessly
Intelligently designed and boasting a sleeker look than most routers, the FiOS Quantum Gateway will be updated regularly to offer increased functionality and customer benefits. Future updates, which will be delivered seamlessly without the need for customers to do anything, include privacy and security access controls such as “guest” passwords, and device-specific access that, for example, gives users remote control of when a child’s screen time ends for the day.

Consumers are looking to get the latest devices earlier than ever this holiday season, but these devices are only as good as the network they are on. That’s why Verizon is introducing the FiOS Ultimate Quantum offer. New customers who sign up for a FiOS Triple Play, starting Nov. 2, will receive FiOS Quantum 75/75 Mbps Internet; FiOS TV Ultimate HD; and over 100 premium channels including HBO, SHOWTIME, Cinemax and STARZ. As a further incentive, new customers will also receive a $400 Visa prepaid gift card and Quantum TV Enhanced DVR service at no additional cost for two years.

Video and Apps Feed Customers’ Appetite for Speed
Verizon FiOS creates the ultimate borderless lifestyle for consumers and small businesses. Through the FiOS Mobile App customers can watch more than 160 live, popular channels that cover a variety of genres from sports to movies inside the home and more than 60 popular channels outside of the home. Since the app launched in 2013, Verizon customers have watched over 135 million hours to date.


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