Verizon Introduces 100/100 Mbps FiOS Internet in Metro New York Area

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NEW YORK –Verizon is offering symmetrical 100 Mbps Internet speed in New York City, Long Island, the northern suburbs and northern New Jersey. This means FiOS subscribers in New York and northern New Jersey will be able to send their photos, videos, files and other multi-media communications out to the Internet as fast as they receive information.

Upload traffic — information sent out over the Internet — is expected to increase next year and beyond. Verizon’s 100/100 Mbps FiOS Internet Service tier addresses that growing demand and offers another option to subscribers between the company’s 75/75 and 150/150 tiers.

For a triple-play bundle monthly price of $89.99 with a two-year price guarantee and without signing a contract, new FiOS subscribers can get the 100/100 Mbps Internet service, FiOS Custom TV and FiOS Voice services. A $300 Visa reward card, an HD Set Top Box for 12 months and a year of fully loaded premium channels are also included in the bundle offer for term-contract customers.

Pricing Certainty
Verizon is extending certainty to its pricing by informing customers now that, after the promotional two-year period, the monthly price for the triple-play bundle will increase by $20. Among the many special offers available for new sign-ups are standalone 100/100 Mbps FiOS Internet service at $54.99, and double-play offers with 100/100 Mbps starting at $69.99.

Affordable High-Speed FiOS Bundle
At the same time as the introduction of the new 100/100 Mbps speed tier, the company also is offering a robust and affordable triple-play bundle that includes 150/150 Mbps, FiOS Custom TV, and FiOS Voice services for $99.99 monthly. That bundle also includes a two-year price guarantee and does not require a contract.

In addition to the new 100/100 Mbps FiOS Internet speed, Verizon also offers symmetrical speed tiers of 25, 50, 75,150, 300 and 500. Verizon also recently introduced the 100/100 Mbps FiOS Internet option in the Southern California market.

A New York City Story
In New York City, Verizon has invested more than $3.5 billion on an all-fiber-optic network, providing a reliable, resilient and futuristic telecom infrastructure for the city. To date, the company has installed more than 15,000 miles of fiber-optic cabling across the city.

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