Verizon Names First Fios Neighborhoods in Boston Rollout

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BOSTON, MA – When Verizon first announced plans in April to construct a new fiber-optic network to power advanced services including Fios in the city of Boston, the company asked the public to help determine a starting point for the rolling build-out.

Residents and small businesses in an initial group of eight neighborhoods, dubbed fiber zones, were invited to express their interest in Fios by voting online at through July 3.

After tallying the survey results Verizon is pleased to share the following updates:

  • Fiber Zone A6, the northwest portion of West Roxbury, topped the voting and will serve as the starting point for the project with construction slated to begin in September. Fios service is expected to be available in parts of A6 beginning in late 2016, with further build out continuing in 2017.

  • The Dudley Square Innovation District, part of Fiber Zone A8 in Roxbury, will also be built and is expected to have Fios service available by year’s end.

  • Construction in Fiber Zone A7 in Roslindale, Fiber Zone A1 in Dorchester, and Fiber Zone A5, the southeastern part of West Roxbury, will commence later this year with Fios services expected to be available in portions of these zones by the end of 2016 with expansion continuing in 2017.

  • New construction in remaining Fiber Zones A2, A3, A4 in Dorchester will start next year with Fios service expected to be available by the end of 2017. Further details of 2017 roll-out plans will be shared in the future.

“One Fiber” Design and Build Approach
The company’s anticipated $300 million investment in Boston, representing a new “One Fiber” design and build approach, will create a fiber-optic network platform capable of supporting Fios Internet, TV and Digital Voice, as well as enhanced wireless and innovative "Smart Communities" solutions. Verizon’s award-winning Fios service features symmetrical upload and download speeds up to 500 Mbps, making it the fastest Internet available.

“We first announced this project in the Dudley Square Innovation District in Roxbury, and given the volume of start-ups and entrepreneurship happening there, it’s the perfect place to bring fiber-optics and Fios quickly to accelerate that innovation,” said Retta.

Preparations, including surveying existing Verizon conduit and utility poles, and installing larger transport cables, are already underway as the company readies for the beginning of street-by-street installation.

Voting Open for Next Neighborhoods
Voting is open for fiber zones in the next group (Group B) comprising Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, Mattapan and the rest of Roxbury. Scheduled for construction in 2018, residents and businesses in Group B can visit to register and vote to express their interest in being the first zone to have access to Verizon’s new fiber network. Details pertaining to plans for neighborhoods in Groups C and D will be shared in the future as the company progresses through the anticipated five-to-six year project.


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