Vermont Used Magellan Advisors for Statewide FTTH Engineering Study


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DENVER, CO — Vermont’s Department of Public Service used Magellan Advisors’ statewide fiber engineering study and cost estimates to propose $300 million of statewide grants and subsidies to bring high-speed internet to rural Vermont. The Department of Public Service issued its Broadband Action Plan on May 5th, which sets out immediate recommendations to expand broadband to over 70,000 unserved homes and businesses across the State.

The Vermont Department of Public Service retained Magellan Advisors in 2019 due to its 15 years of experience planning, building and managing fiber networks for rural utilities and coops. Magellan Advisors provided real-world engineering, deployment and operational costs for the statewide assessment based on its extensive work with other utilities in Vermont.

Magellan Advisors’ Feasibility Study of Electric Companies Offering Broadband in Vermont provided a thorough analysis of the role rural utilities and coops can play in deployment of broadband services. The study focused on opportunities, challenges, benefits and risks in deploying a high-speed broadband network. The report details how rural utilities and coops can economically build fiber, leverage their assets and seek out key grant funding to support fiber broadband projects.

The report has become a valuable resource for rural utilities and coops that are considering broadband deployment and illustrates that even the most rural utilities and coops can find creative and sustainable ways to meet their customers’ high-speed internet needs.



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