Vibrent Telederm Releases P2P Dermatologist e-Consult Platform

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FAIRFAX, VA – Digital health technology company Vibrent Health launched its teledermatology platform Vibrent Telederm, an agile mobile solution which empowers collaborative e-consults between referring physicians and board-certified dermatologists within physicians’ own trusted networks.

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) strongly supports the appropriate use of teledermatology as a means of improving access to the expertise of board-certified dermatologists to provide high-quality, high-value care. Vibrent Health first developed the Vibrent Telederm platform for the AAD, which utilized the platform nationally to generate scientific evidence and outcomes demonstrating that technology can successfully provide dermatology care.

Teledermatology Deemed a Viable Method of Practicing Medicine
“Research conducted by the AAD concluded that teledermatology is a viable method of practicing medicine,” says Dr. James C. Wade, chief medical informatics officer (CMIO) at Vibrent Health. “Further evidence and outcomes from research conducted by customers using Vibrent Telederm showed that coordinated care between a primary care physician and a dermatologist achieved 99 percent differential diagnosis for the condition.”

Time Saving for Patient and Physician
Vibrent Telederm has been utilized nationally encompassing more than 10,000 virtual dermatology consultations delivered by 300 physicians through the American Academy of Dermatology, University of Pennsylvania, University of New Mexico and the U.S. Army. For the consultations conducted between referring physicians and board-certified dermatologists, 80 percent of the cases were managed solely through the platform, and the platform provided a management plan for 96 percent of conditions, which translates into time saved for both patients and physicians.

Helps Dermatologists Create Referral Base
“For physician practices that do not have a dermatologist on staff, Vibrent Telederm offers the convenience of e-consults within the physician’s network that will make it easier for practitioners and patients to quickly get a diagnosis and treatment, without the added burden of scheduling another doctor’s appointment,” said Praduman Jain, CEO and founder of Vibrent Health. “These e-consults not only benefit the referring physician and patient but also the dermatologists, who benefit by building a referral base.”

e-Consult Visit in Under Five Minutes
The cyber-secure, HIPAA compliant Vibrent Telederm platform instantly connects and facilitates peer-to-peer collaboration through store-and-forward interactive virtual consultations. It allows general practitioners to securely, efficiently and cost-effectively create patient profiles, store medical histories, securely upload digital images of any skin-related issue, and enter evidence-based insights, SOAP notes and case comments. Dermatologists in the physician’s network can then quickly and reliably access patient information, review the digital images and respond to cases via a web browser, mobile phone or tablet. The technology can be successfully integrated into the PCP workflow with e-consults taking less than 5 minutes.

“Vibrent remains at the forefront of teledermatology as an innovator in this rapidly developing area of telemedicine,” said Jain. “We are dedicated to developing evidence-based technology that successfully provides dermatology care and helps alleviate the national shortage of dermatologists using methodology that is proven to reduce costs for unnecessary testing, reduce the chance for misdiagnosis and improve the patient and physician experience and satisfaction.”

The Vibrent Telederm platform is currently available for white label applications by dermatology practices.


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