Virginia Tech Center Upgrades to 40 Gigabit Network Infrastructure

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  • Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center
BLACKSBURG, VA — The Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC) has begun its latest network infrastructure upgrade that will deliver an unparalleled 40 gigabit network backbone and 1 gigabit Internet connectivity to the 160 companies and research centers that currently operate within the park.

The VTCRC has always provided its tenants leading-edge high-speed Internet access. This latest upgrade delivers Internet connectivity at ten times faster speeds than most organizations are using today; and will continue to deliver some of fastest Internet access available in the country. “This upgrade is significant as it shows our commitment to continue to provide businesses at the VTCRC the high-speed Internet and data services platform they need to compete with other regions around the world,” said VTCRC’s President Joe Meredith, Ph.D.

The VTCRC network upgrade is being completed by the VTCRC in partnership with Biz Net Technologies and Advanced Logic Industries. Additionally, the VTCRC has partnered with Advanced Logic Industries and their Brush Mountain Data Center, both conveniently located within the park, to provide additional network services including secure, private cloud computing.

These new services will make it faster, easier and less expensive for new companies relocating to the VTCRC to begin operations; while offering a wider range of services in a simplified invoicing structure. The entire upgrade is scheduled for completion by June 2015.


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