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LEHI, UTAH — Vivint Internet, an ISP delivering a la carte broadband services, announced the commercial launch of its next generation home internet service in the Salt Lake metro area that will provide dedicated broadband to consumers. This comes on the heels of the successful completion of a pilot program in Lehi, Utah using the service’s wireless mesh network, which provided reliable 5G gigabit-class experience throughout customers’ homes. The company is the most recent spin out from Vivint Smart Home, following in the footsteps of Vivint Solar. 

“We have found a way to bring ultra-fast, unlimited internet service to communities without having to spend billions on infrastructure,” says Mike Hart, CEO of Vivint Internet. “By using the latest dark fiber and wireless technologies, we have built a faster, more affordable, and rapidly scalable platform that was designed from the ground up with the customer in mind.”

A High Speed, Easily Installed Infrastructure Model

Lack of innovation in broadband infrastructure continues to plague the home internet industry with solutions ranging from high-cost fiber to imposing neighborhood towers. Vivint Internet is rolling out an infrastructure model that is both high speed and easily installed, without creating a neighborhood eyesore. The product works by first connecting dark fiber with virtually unlimited capacity into small towers installed on commercial buildings. Those towers route to neighborhoods through strategically chosen “hub” homes, using hardware the size of a normal salad bowl. These hub homes then provide internet to the surrounding neighborhood via a 5G, wireless mesh network. Once a main tower is established, a surrounding neighborhood can be equipped with fiber grade internet access within a week.

More than 50 million U.S. households have no choice in who they use for their broadband and are unhappy with their service today (Source: FCC 2018). Additionally, in a study ranking the best and worst companies in 2018 based on customer experience (CX) rating, the Temkin Group found that the three largest broadband ISPs in the U.S. have among the lowest customer experience ratings. Vivint Internet will be offering its customers dependable, high-speed services at 100Mbps through rooftop and in-home LTE-Advanced hardware across their network and up to gigabit speeds using their unique 5G mmWave hardware. Combined with an in-home mesh WiFi network, this will solve spotty internet, buffering, slow speeds throughout the home, and gives the customer a true internet alternative without the extra cost.

With the successful completion of Vivint Internet’s first consumer pilot program in Lehi, Utah, the company will continue building neighborhood networks in Utah while also exploring opportunities in new regions across the country.


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