Vodacom, South Africa, Selects Lite Access LiteXtend for Connectivity Initiative

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  • South Africa
  • Vodacom
VANCOUVER, BC — Vodacom, South Africa has selected Lite Access Technologies' Lite X Tend solution to connect the first 1,125 homes of an overall 270,000 home connectivity initiative, which is expected to be completed within the next three-to-five years. The company anticipates that it will receive further orders as Vodacom has indicated that it will use the Lite X Tend solution for this aggressive fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) rollout.

This order includes the use of a specially designed home-drop solution, which was a collaborative design by the two companies and manufactured exclusively by Lite Access Technologies. Vodacom, South Africa, has both approved and standardized on the Lite X Tend solution for last-mile connectivity as it reduces significant costs and complications associated with “last mile” home connections.

Lite X Tend

The Lite X Tend solution was designed to alleviate technical issues associated with last mile home connections. Due to the design and construction of the technology, the need for skilled fiber optic splicers and technicians is now no longer required and, in fact, enables do-it-yourself homeowner installations. Current competitive offerings still require technicians and fibre optic fusion splicers to complete installations thus adding unnecessary costs and increased time to deployment for last mile home connections.


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