Vodafone Starts Marketing Fiber Optics in Spain

  • Vodafone Spain
MADRID - Vodafone, a provider of unified telecommunications services, started marketing its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service in Spain in areas of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia, Malaga and Zaragoza. The commercial fiber service will be available April 1 in two tiered packages: Vodafone 100 with download/upload speeds of 100 Mbps/10 Mbps and Vodafone Fiber 200 with download/upload speeds of 200 Mbps/20 Mbps. Special promotional pricing will be available through April 30.

Vodafone Box
Also new with Vodafone fiber is the launch of Vodafone Box, a multimedia home platform that allows access via a set-top box with advanced features to premium content: Yomvi, Channel+1, CANAL+ and Champions League Movies/Series. Vodafone Box is capable of playing full HD content and has Dolby sound.


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