WANRack's List of Private Fiber WANs Expands in Texas

  • WANRack

LENEXA, KS — WANRack's list of new fiber optic networks continues to grow. The latest build was recently completed in Fort Worth, Texas for the Castleberry School District. The custom-built WAN network supports nearly 4,000 students and staff across all of their campuses.

"The network design is rack-to-rack, meaning each district site connects directly to their hub via dedicated fibers with no sharing like you'll find on typical incumbent networks," said Rob Oyler, CEO of WANRack. "Security and speeds now reach unprecedented levels for the district based on the robust design. With WANRack, they're getting full throttle speeds all the time, versus historically overpaying for an oversubscribed service."

WANRack provides high-bandwidth, fiber-based communications networks and related services to customers throughout the United States. Service offerings include E-Rate-compliant lit fiber, dark fiber and special construction solutions. Headquartered in Lenexa, Kan., WANRack's executive management team has been delivering Fiber Optic WANs since 2005.



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