WAV and viaPhoton Form Partnership to Support Broadband Networks

The partnership will supply fiber solutions to WISPs and telcos.

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AURORA, Ill.--The WAV/viaPhoton partnership was formed to help customers meet their deployment schedules. Fiber solutions are inherently complex because they are made-to-order. Customers suffer because fiber supply is inconsistent and deployments often get delayed or backlogged.

Three tenants underlie the partnership's approach to helping customers:

  • Consistent supply and short lead times
  • Technology tools that simplify the buying experience
  • Nimble service (rapid prototyping, engineering, focus on customer success)

"Partnering with WAV will be a win-win for our customers. WAV's deep knowledge of broadband infrastructure and focus on customer success is directly aligned with our values" said Scott Schaack, Vice President of 5G Sales at viaPhoton. "We are customer-centric at our core and have built our infrastructure from the ground up to address the unique challenges of fiber. We manufacture in the U.S. to shrink lead times and created visual tools to reduce configuration errors. Our experienced senior leadership focuses directly on designing bespoke solutions for the needs of each customer."

"viaPhoton's fiber solutions are a fantastic addition to our portfolio of multi-gigabit wired and wireless solutions," said Mary Kuempel, WAV's CFO. "Not only do they produce high-quality, domestically manufactured products, but their innovative configuration tools are an absolute game changer. We're excited to bring viaPhoton to market with our service provider and telecommunications customers."


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