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PETACH TIKVA, ISRAEL — Wes-Tex Telephone Cooperative, a provider of telecom services for western Texas and surrounding communities since 1950, has selected ECI, a global provider of ELASTIC Network solutions for service providers, critical infrastructures and data center operators, and Edge Team Technology, a solutions provider for information infrastructure, security, and performance management to upgrade the company's optical and IP infrastructure to latest generation technologies which will serve them for years to come.

Wes-Tex provides its highly diverse community of both residential and commercial customers with triple-play services. Services include local and long-distance telephony, as well as fiber broadband and wireless high-speed Internet. The company also provides cable TV for the Stanton, Texas, area. As the local regions it serves experience unprecedented bandwidth growth, Wes-Tex needed to upgrade its network infrastructure to keep up, as well as deliver on the additional requirements of its constituencies. Moreover, Wes-Tex was looking for additional flexibility and dynamicity in its network, without the additional overhead.

Migrating to ECI's Apollo Optical Solutions and Neptune Packet Solutions

In this latest network upgrade, Wes-Tex was able to leverage its existing ECI infrastructure to modernize its legacy optical and IP networks. Wes-Tex chose to migrate to ECI's Apollo optical solutions and Neptune packet solutions. These solutions were built to interwork seamlessly, and both are managed simply with ECI's network management system (NMS), which provides multi-layer, end-to-end network management through an intuitive, point-and-click user interface.

Together with the total network solution provided by Edge Team Technology, Wes-Tex now has the ability to deliver their services in an on-demand fashion to the Western Texas community and surrounding area – with simple, remote network provisioning. In the event of a major surge in demand, Wes-Tex can remain confident in its ability to add additional capacity and high-speed connectivity between major switching centers.

"Our cooperative is committed to meeting the unique needs of our members and customers. Wes-Tex has seen growth and increasing demand for more capacity and services in our surrounding communities," noted Wes-Tex General Manager, Darren Patrick. "We needed a solution that allowed us to add immediate bandwidth and capacity, as well as provide the flexibility of easily upgrading our systems to meet requirements of our community well into the future."



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