West River Telecom Deploys Calix Mesh Enhanced Carrier-Class Wi-Fi and Calix Cloud

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PETALUMA, CA — West River Telecom (WRT) has deployed Calix Mesh Enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi and Calix Cloud to deliver premium whole home Wi-Fi services to subscribers in North and South Dakota. With a network-wide Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) project set for completion in 2019, WRT is taking the next step in their evolution by delivering a Wi-Fi experience that is a best practice for local exchange carriers (LECs) who want to offer leading-edge services. Calix is a provider of broadband communications access systems.

As an extension of its fiber network, WRT relies on Calix GigaCenters to deliver managed Wi-Fi services. They recently expanded this effort by offering Calix 804Mesh satellites to ensure whole home Wi-Fi coverage for every subscriber. WRT has also deployed Calix Cloud to enable remote diagnostics for home network management and provide seamless Wi-Fi mobility within the home. With this unmatched solution, WRT can ensure all subscribers receive an exceptional experience while dramatically reducing support costs.

Guaranteeing Coverage Throughout the Walls of Homes, Businesses, and Beyond
“Residents and businesses in our region rely on WRT’s broadband network to connect to the world. Through our fiber investments and cutting-edge Wi-Fi services, we are providing the best subscriber experiences anywhere,” said Troy Schilling, CEO and general manager at WRT. “Our Wi-Fi service, built on Calix GigaCenters and 804Mesh satellites, is a true differentiator, enabling us to guarantee coverage throughout the four walls of our subscribers’ homes, businesses, and beyond. To date, the response to the Calix mesh units has been outstanding. Our subscribers love the experience they are receiving, as well as the small size and aesthetic design of the mesh units. We are looking forward to extending that experience to more members going forward.”

Equipping every subscriber with a Calix GigaCenter
As WRT works to complete its fiber network expansion, they will continue to offer gigabit speeds to all its members. However, enabling gigabit speed in each home is only the starting point. By equipping every subscriber with a Calix GigaCenter, WRT is delivering a Carrier Class Wi-Fi experience and leveraging Calix Cloud to ensure a consistently high-quality Wi-Fi experience. For subscribers with larger, multi-story homes or homes where building materials interfere with Wi-Fi signals, WRT includes Calix 804Mesh satellites to provide superior coverage. This eliminates the need for subscribers to purchase complicated and expensive consumer-grade Wi-Fi routers, which lack the experience management tools and remote diagnostic insights that drive-up support costs for service providers.

“Whole home managed Wi-Fi services are a crucial component of every service provider’s offering. They position the provider as the premier brand within each home and deter subscribers from considering unmanaged and unpredictable Wi-Fi solutions sold at big-box retailers,” said Skip Hirvela, vice president of sales at Calix. “Based on my experience working with hundreds of customers, I am thrilled to see WRT providing an unmatched subscriber experience to every corner of the homes they serve while enjoying full visibility into the experience of each device connected to the network. With Calix GigaCenters, 804Mesh satellites, and Calix Cloud as the foundation of their whole home managed Wi-Fi solution, WRT maintains their competitive advantage and owns their subscribers’ home experience.”


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