White Plains City Schools (New York) Selects Tellabs' Optical LAN

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DALLAS — Tellabs, a provider of passive optical network (PON) solutions, and White Plains City School District (WPCSD), together announced the success of their five-year installation of the Tellabs Optical LAN (OLAN) solution, and how OLAN has exceeded expectations as a modern high-speed, stable, scalable, and secure network, in support of WPCSD growing Wi-Fi, Internet of Things (IoT), smart building and security connectivity needs.

The day one advantages of the Optical LAN design, and installation, have been well documented through the years. What has now become apparent over time is the operational advantages of OLAN. Where the savings gained through prudent planning, and building, of a contemporary high-performance fiber-based network are realized only once, these on-going operational efficiencies are in-place to benefit WPCSD year-over-year:

  • Initial OLAN design advantages have saved the district 30% due to:
    • Convergence of multiple disparate networks over fiber optic cables
    • Space savings from network size reductions that are returned to teaching needs
    • Scalability for planned growth of wireless, IoT, smart building, and security
    • Security gained by reduced points of LAN vulnerability and less human touch

  • On-going OLAN operational advantages continue to save WPCSD 25% because of:
    • Simplified management of the school’s network across the district
    • Agilities through automation that help the IT staff work faster
    • Reduced network training and support costs that saves the district 25% annually

“The Wi-Fi network on top of the Optical LAN has been so successful, we have been able to expand our iPad program to one-to-one device per student in our grades 6-12, and over the next few years as we had plenty of bandwidth to support the initiative.  We expanded the use of the Optical LAN to additionally include VoIP, HVAC, video security, IP door locks, IP clock and IP speakers.  As the IoT becomes more pervasive in our district, we plan on adding whatever device or systems that may come at us and place them onto the Optical LAN,” said Ron Velez, WPCSD Director of Management and Information Systems.

“We’re especially proud that the White Plains City School District’s Optical LAN has empowered the IT staff to reduce the impact of network management across the district, thus returning valuable real estate, resources, and money, back to the teachers’ and students’ educational needs,” said Jim Norrod, Tellabs President and CEO.

For more details about the Tellabs Optical LAN at White Plains City School District, read our user case study.


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