Wicked Bandwidth Launches Fiber Internet Service in Boston's Seaport District

  • Wicked Bandwidth
NEWTON, MA — Wicked Bandwidth (WBI), an new fiber-based ISP, announced the launch of its service in the Boston metro area, focusing initially on the Seaport’s Innovation District. Boston was the location of choice to unveil services from WBI for its thriving entrepreneurial community and high volume of bandwidth-intensive companies and start-up businesses. WBI is offering fiber Internet at speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps in select Boston buildings at highly competitive rates on a cost-per-megabit basis.

As the mix of businesses in the Seaport Area shifts from industrial to high tech the underlying network infrastructure has not kept pace. The fast growing, bandwidth-hungry Innovation District companies require more robust network options to deliver high-speed Internet.

WBI was designed and built from the ground up to deliver lightning fast Internet over a state-of-the-art fiber-to-the-premise (FTTp) network. This next generation network is able to deliver high-speed, reliable bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of the incumbents. By targeting buildings with limited bandwidth options WBI is able to leverage an economy of scale within the building. In addition, customers have the ability to quickly scale at-will with flexible contract terms.

“Companies require ample bandwidth and dedicated connectivity to leverage cloud-based applications and run properly, but are relegated to using existing and outdated copper or cable modem options. It is important for this thriving entrepreneurial community and its high volume of bandwidth-intensive companies to have highly competitive options and affordable pricing for high-speed Internet,” said Steve McCarthy, co-founder of Wicked Bandwidth. “We’re excited to be able to deliver more robust bandwidth options to the budding Innovation District community, allowing the Seaport businesses faster Internet service to run their operations effectively and grow.”


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