Wicked Bandwidth Turns to Crowdsourcing to Gauge Fiber Demand

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BOSTON — Wicked Bandwidth, a Boston-born, fiber-based business Internet provider, announced the launch of its new #BostonBandwidth initiative, an innovative way local businesses can self-identify their need for better bandwidth. Wicked Bandwidth’s #BostonBandwidth program aims to capture concentrations of businesses with poor bandwidth capacity or limited provider options through an easy web form submission process. Wicked Bandwidth hopes its #BostonBandwidth movement will enable them to build their fast, secure and reliable fiber Internet service for the companies that need it most.

“Crowdsourcing is being used in a variety of ways in business to assess demand and provide cost-effective solutions. We believe that if we ask the business community in Boston where they need bandwidth – they’ll tell us,” says Michael Murphy, Wicked Bandwidth co-founder. “When we can zero in on areas of concentrated interest, we can bring in far superior Internet service at a much more affordable rate.”

Crowdsourcing Fiber Demand
By crowdsourcing fiber demand, Wicked Bandwidth is pursuing a unique alternative to other carriers that engage in speculative building. Traditionally, a spec building strategy has often led to higher rates for customers as well as missing entire geographic areas in need of better Internet service. Wicked Bandwidth’s crowdsourcing demand offers a way for them to make better-informed investments.

“Part of the reason carriers have to maintain higher rates is they have to cover the costs of their networks that are undersubscribed. We’re basically spending our dollars building where we know there is interest and passing along the savings to Wicked Bandwidth business customers,” says Murphy.

Wicked Bandwidth’s crowdsourcing campaign also presents a solution to Boston’s growth conundrum. Boston is a hotbed of innovation, but the city’s dated infrastructure hasn’t kept pace. Boston’s high costs to construct network, coupled with severe winters that make construction only viable for half the year, have served to slow the growth of new fiber-optic networks.

To increase fiber Internet accessibility for Boston-area businesses, Wicked Bandwidth is hoping its crowdsourcing method can uncover real-time demand and make it easier to connect with customers that need their services most. If you know of a commercial building that could benefit from better, faster bandwidth, please add your business location today and share this movement via Twitter and other channels using #BostonBandwidth.


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