WIN to Upgrade Internet Service in Western Iowa Communities

  • Western Iowa Networks
CARROLL, IOWA — Breda, Carroll, Lidderdale and Westside will be the first communities in Western Iowa to experience Internet service with 1 Gbps, according to CBConline, a local news resource. Western Iowa Networks (WIN) will launch the service July 15 and become the first company in Western Iowa to offer the service.

1 Gbps is equivalent to 1,000 Megabits per second and would allow the user to download an entire digital movie copy in less than two minutes. WIN CEO Chuck Diesbeck says, “nationwide, there are only 14 to 15 gigabit communities, so the fact WIN is launching four in Iowa is groundbreaking and an accomplishment they are proud of.”

The 100 percent fiber optic network built in Carroll, Breda, Lidderdale and Westside was the groundwork WIN laid down for this next step. Diesbeck says there next phase will be to offer a range of Internet speeds and pricing to make it affordable for their current and future customers. Rural customers of WIN will also be able to receive gigabit service even those living outside the city limits of Breda, Lidderdale and Westside.


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