Wireless LAN Market: Tough Times Before Good Times



REDWOOD CITY, CA — The Enterprise Wireless LAN market is likely to see short-term tough times before good times longer-term, according to a newly released market forecast report — Wireless LAN 5-Year Forecast Report — by Dell'Oro Group, a provider of market information about the telecommunications, networks, and data center IT industries.  The report also anticipates 6 GHz, if and when approved portending to turbo-charge Wi-Fi 6.

"Wireless LAN market sales have slowed which correlates with the reduced economic outlooks from leading world banks," said Tam Dell'Oro, founder and CEO of Dell'Oro Group. "We are seeing softness in North America and Europe, two regions which economists have reduced GDP growth forecasts. However, while overall market sales may be soft, the appetite for Wi-Fi 6 is racing ahead. Wi-Fi 6 may see a significant boost pending the availability of 6 GHz unlicensed spectrum. There has not been new mid-band spectrum made available for Wi-Fi and other unlicensed uses in more than twenty years yet the use of Wi-Fi technology has increased on a massive scale. The additional capacity would enable faster data throughputs and lower latency—essentially turbo-charging Wi-Fi 6. This would support tremendous innovation in such areas as manufacturing automation, remote teaching and medical treatment," added Dell'Oro.

Addition highlights from the Wireless LAN 5-Year Forecast Report:

  • Enterprise Wireless LAN market revenues to approach $9 B by 2024.
  • Performance outlook by region of the world.
  • The outlook of cloud-managed Wireless LAN and how licenses perform vs. hardware.


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