Wisconsin Community Poised for Economic Growth with RUC Gig Network

REEDSBURG, WI – Reedsburg, Wisconsin, has joined a very short list of progressive communities in the United States with the creation of a gigabit fiber network. To ring in 2014, Reedsburg Utility Commission (RUC), which offers high-speed Internet, TV and telephone through its fiber-to-the-premise network, is now offering gigabit connections to its business and residential customers, making this area the first of its kind in Wisconsin.

The Federal Communications Chairman (FCC) Julius Genachowski issued the Gigabit City Challenge calling for a Gig Network in every state by 2015. RUC responded and anticipates that Reedsburg’s Gig Community will drive economic growth and stimulate innovation.

Satisfying Large Data Needs
“More and more businesses and homes need a faster connection to consume and produce large amounts of data. Our gigabit network will accommodate those needs well into the future,” said RUC General Manager Brett Schuppner. “Offering gigabit broadband services is very rare in this country and I am proud to be part of a community that is so technologically advanced. RUC strives to reach new levels of innovation with our 100 percent fiber optic network serving Reedsburg, Loganville, Lake Delton, and surrounding rural communities.”

Just how fast is a Gigabit connection? According to the FCC, a gigabit per second connection is about 100 times faster than the average DSL and cable connections. A typical feature-length movie can be downloaded in seven seconds while 100 songs or photos can be downloaded in just three seconds. With these high speeds, multiple users can access the Internet at the same time without losing speed.

Businesses and families increasingly rely on technology more every year driving the demand for higher speeds. “Having sufficient bandwidth allows us to receive the large video and audio files over the internet in minutes, instead of days, improving our technical support responsiveness and to communicate with our own remotely-located staff, customers, and vendors. Having sufficient bandwidth for these services is required for dropout-free picture and sound,” said Jon Tatooles, Sound Devices Co-founder and VP of business development and RUC customer for more than 10 years.

Reedsburg Utility Commission
began its roots in 1894 by providing electric and water services to its citizens. Today, our customers can also receive high speed internet, TV and telephone through a state-of-the-art Fiber to the Premise network.


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