Wolfe Launches Point-of Presence in Telx’s Atlanta Data Center

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SEATTLE – Telx, a provider of global interconnectivity, cloud enablement services and datacenter solutions, announced that Wolfe, a Seattle-based Ethernet service provider, will establish a new point-of-presence (POP) at Telx’s ATL1, a 160,000 square foot data center located at 56 Marietta Street in downtown Atlanta.

Wolfe currently operates in Telx’s NYC2, a 100,000 square foot data center at 111 8th Avenue in New York City. Wolfe’s strategic expansion in Telx’s Atlanta data center further demonstrates the demand by customers to incorporate Wolfe’s Ethernet services throughout the country. Telx’s ATL1 data center hosts the Southeast's largest concentration of telecommunications companies and sits on top of most of the fiber running from New York City to Florida. As a result, businesses like Wolfe have more choice in interconnection and the ability to reach more enterprises from this location as compared to any other in the region.

"Telx provides us with an opportunity to expand our national footprint and grow our business into the southeast. Our first point of presence (PoP) in Atlanta enables us to not only service businesses in and around the city but to also provide our 100 Gbps service between Atlanta and other major cities,” said Mike Scott, Wolfe’s general manager. “Our presence at ATL1 will allow us to connect seamless Metro Ethernet between the financial centers of Atlanta, New York and Chicago and act as a launch point for Metro E connectivity into South Florida. Telx provides us the reliability and security to colocate our PoP in a data center that provides us an exceptional level of customer service along with the power, cooling and security we require to operate in Atlanta."

“Telx is pleased to expand our relationship with Wolfe by opening a new POP with them at our strategically located Atlanta data center, said Tony Rossabi, SVP for service provider sales. “Wolfe’s Ethernet service options are part of an emerging trend in connecting cloud and SaaS services and to other cloud markets and enterprises. These types of transport services are only going to continue to grow as more businesses invest in cloud and other on-demand services for their workloads. Telx is proud to partner with Wolfe in hosting its new Southeast point-of-presence.”


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