Woodbury, Connecticut Seeks RFP for Broadband Assessment and Feasibility Analysis

RFP looks for consulting firms to assess service and adoption gaps and support current and long-term broadband needs.

  • Woodbury, Connecticut


Woodbury, Connecticut – First Selectman, Barbara Perkinson, has announced that the Town of Woodbury is accepting proposals from qualified professional consulting firms to conduct a comprehensive High-Speed Broadband Assessment and Feasibility Analysis covering the entire geographical area of the Town of Woodbury, located in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

“It is clear that high quality high-speed broadband has become critical for work, education, healthcare, entertainment and to help improve our quality of life.” Said Perkinson. “The intent of the study is to provide an assessment of the needs and opportunities that supports the Woodbury Plan of Conservation and Development.”

The study is to include:

  • An assessment of high-speed broadband service(s) existing and serving properties within the Town of Woodbury with the intent to identify and evaluate service and/or adoption gaps; and
  • A high-speed broadband strategy for the Town of Woodbury that creates the greatest opportunity to support current growth and long-term community high-speed broadband needs, including, as applicable, a high-speed broadband partnership solution.

The goal is to document opportunities to expand last-mile coverage as well as express opinions of the sustainability of the expansion, including potential one-time and/or recurring third-party funding sources, and a deployment plan that will enable the Town of Woodbury and its commercial partners to take advantage of these opportunities in conjunction with high-speed broadband-friendly public policy development.

The successful bidder will demonstrate the ability to utilize research methodologies such as public surveys, market analysis, business plan development, regulatory analysis, and operational best practice scenarios.

Sealed bids must be received in the First Selectman’s Office at 281 Main Street South, Woodbury, CT 06798-0369 no later than: 3:00 PM, Monday January 9, 2023. A copy of this RFP can be found on the Town’s Website woodburyct.org.


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