Workspace-as-a-Service Market Expected to Reach $18.37 Billion by 2022

  • IndependenceIT
  • Transparency Research
BOSTON — The workspace-as-a-service (WaaS) market is expected to experience strong growth over the next several years, according to new findings by Transparency Research in a report titled, "Growth of Global WaaS Market Shifts into High Gear with Expanding Enterprise Mobility, Expected to Reach $18.37 billion by 2022." Leading analysts have been watching with growing interest as IT administrators reduce the cost and complexity of their IT environments while improving efficiency and mobility with WaaS solutions that enable cloud-based access to desktops, applications, data, and complete workspaces from any location or device.

IndependenceIT, a cloud management platform provider that enables IT departments, service providers and ISVs to easily deploy software defined data centers, app workloads and cloud workspaces, quoted the report as saying, “The virtual workplace has been one of the latest trends in the IT sector, which has rapidly changed the work culture and business environment across the globe. Workspace-as-a-service solutions adopted by organizations offer client access to information and applications at any time and from any location. The employees are provided with a virtual desktop that appears similar to a physical desktop. WaaS solutions aid in boosting the productivity of the employees as it allows them to access all of the critical data and applications, irrespective of their location.”

U.S.Expected to Experience Greatest WaaS Growth
The findings in the report reveal that the global WaaS market is anticipated to reach a value of US $18.37 billion by the end of 2022. Also highlighted are the major geographical segments that are expected to deploy workspace-as-a-service solutions, with the greatest number of deployments anticipated for North America. The North American continent is projected to lead the global WaaS market over the next several years, owing to the easy availability of developed telecommunication and IT infrastructure. Europe will follow with the second-largest position followed by the rapidly growing Asia Pacific region. This is primarily due to the growing number of start-ups and small-sized organizations adopting the technology throughout the Pacific Rim.

Cited as a key vendor in the report, IndependenceIT’s flagship software platform, CMP+, allows IT administrators to create and automate software defined data centers (SDDCs), as well as public, private or hybrid cloud-based servers, applications, and workloads that facilitate the fast and simple deployment of WaaS. The solution allows for greater choice in how these services are orchestrated and deployed, permitting administrators to provision and manage not only servers, but meaningful workloads where performance, availability, and accessibility can be tuned through administrative policies. The software is designed for both enterprises and IT service providers to improve support, reduce administrative management, and lower costs.

“IndependenceIT’s adaptive cloud management platform is powering forward looking enterprises and service providers who are provisioning, managing, automating, supporting and adapting their workloads to meet the expanding  IT requirement for  computing mobility,” said Seth Bostock, CEO, IndependenceIT. “The numbers reported by Transparency Research reflect the increase in demand we have seen through our global distribution channel as organizations transition their infrastructure to the cloud.”


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