WWZ Energie Deploys 10G Fiber Network in Europe with Calix AXOS

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SAN JOSE, CA —  Switzerland-based WWZ Energie AG has deployed a new 10 Gbps-capable fiber network in Europe built on Calix AXOS. WWZ is deploying AXOS on the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System, which reduces operating expenses by simplifying the network architecture and speeding the implementation of new products and services. This solution also opens the ecosystem for third party applications, enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to differentiate their offerings. WWZ is also working with Calix Professional Services to accelerate back office automation, delivering greater service agility, reducing time to market, and improving cost efficiency.

“Our customer focused philosophy aligns extremely well with Calix, so working with them is not only easy but also strengthens our market position in several ways,” said Stefan Willi, chief technology officer for WWZ Energie AG. “The unified AXOS platform simplifies our architecture and our service validation and implementation processes. It also improves the use of existing customer data and accelerates the introduction of new services. Furthermore, we are extending our value chain into our customers’ home networks.”

Based in Zug, Switzerland, WWZ offers quadruple-play telecommunications, energy, gas, water, and heating solutions to residential and business subscribers. As a utility, it worked closely with Broadband Networks, an independent Swiss company that provides network solutions and cloud services to determine the best solution for its network build-out and chose AXOS—another strong example of the value of Calix can bring to network deployments.

Building a Simplified Network

WWZ is building a simplified network, leveraging the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System with XGS-PON, which incorporates the AXOS Routing Protocol Module (RPm) and Subscriber Management Module (SMm), which pull routing and subscriber management into a single system. This modular AXOS system future proofs the network, delivering symmetrical Gigabit service today but can also scale as subscriber bandwidth demands increase. The Swiss utility is also evaluating Calix Support Cloud for help providing a superior subscriber experience and Calix Marketing Cloud for a full view of the trends and usage of the services on its network.

“WWZ is a true innovator that is building a best of breed next generation access network to bring differentiated services to subscribers,” said Eoin Heaney, area VP of sales, Europe for Calix. “Leveraging Calix AXOS, WWZ is simplifying its network architecture, operations, and business while improving the subscriber experience. This deployment showcases the immense value of Calix solutions as AXOS systems deliver unparalleled scalability and deliver consistent services over any PON. When given the opportunity to build a broadband network from scratch, Calix was the clear choice for solutions that would enable WWZ to push innovation, enhance the subscriber experience, and drive toward a software defined future.”


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