Xfinity Communities and Chicago's Kass Management Launch Commercial Smart Communities Platform


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CHICAGO  – Xfinity Communities and Kass Management Services, a Chicago-based rental and commercial property and condominium association management company, announced today the nation’s first commercial deployment of the Xfinity Communities’ Smart Communities platform at two Kass-operated, multifamily rental properties in the city.

Through the partnership, 50 units were outfitted with smart devices, including smart thermostats and smart lighting, which renters can control via the Xfinity Communities app when they’re at home or away. When combined with the power of Xfinity Internet service, the devices create a technology platform that over time, property managers can expand with additional smart features, such as security cameras and smart locks.

Property managers can control the entire platform via Xfinity Communities’ Smart Communities Portal, which gives them the ability to manage automation technology in their properties’ administrative and public areas. For example, the system can help reduce energy use by controlling temperatures in vacant units and common areas. In addition, when a unit is rented, property managers can prep it and turn over control of the smart devices to the new tenant via the portal.

“We’re excited to partner with Kass to launch Smart Communities in the Chicago market,” said Chris Smith, Comcast’s regional vice president of Marketing and Sales. “Home automation is a burgeoning market, and we’re thrilled to bring it to Chicago area apartment dwellers. Tenants are going to appreciate the control they have over their units, and property managers are going to appreciate the convenience and control this technology will give them over their properties.”

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