Xfinity Communities Launches WiFi Ready for MDU Residents

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PHILADELPHIA — Comcast’s Xfinity Communities unveiled WiFi Ready, an offering where Comcast preinstalls wireless modems in multifamily units. New residents can now purchase and activate their internet service upon move-in for immediate Wi-Fi access. WiFi Ready, removes a major pain point of scheduling and waiting for a service appointment for residents and property managers. In addition to Wi-Fi access, residents with a video package may be able to immediately access live and on demand content via the Xfinity Stream app, depending on the package they purchase. WiFi Ready is now widely available to building owners and developers across the Comcast footprint.

WiFi Ready provides up to Gig-speed wireless connectivity capabilities that enable access to other Comcast offerings. Although the modem is pre-installed, residents who prefer to use their own modem can still do so by plugging it into any coax outlet in their unit. When a resident moves out, the disconnect process is just as easy as sign-up: customers call to transfer their service to a new residence, Xfinity Communities handles everything else. The unit is ready for the next resident to begin the process.

Eliminating Wait Times to Onboard

Internet connectivity is a highly valued amenity among residents, with more than 74 percent of multifamily housing residents surveyed citing pre-installed WiFi solutions as an important amenity, according to the 2020 NMHC/Kingsley Associates Apartment Resident Preferences Report. Properties with WiFi Ready stand out from the competition by eliminating wait times to establish a connection and enabling near-instant access to entertainment solutions from streaming music and video to online gaming.

“WiFi Ready offers smarter living for better communities. Comcast’s 2019 report, ‘The State of Smart Technology in the Multifamily Housing Industry,’ found that WiFi is one of the tech amenities that brings residents the most joy,” said Adrian Adriano, VP of strategic initiatives at Xfinity Communities. “But it also extends beyond a positive resident experience. It simplifies the job of the property manager as there is no need to coordinate technician appointments with residents moving in or out. Comcast resets the gateway so it is ready for the next individual or family. Property managers don’t need to worry about the return of any equipment. Ultimately, we’re giving residents what they want and making building owners’ and managers’ lives easier.”





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