XPAND Launches First Educational 3D Network

PHILADELPHIA - Are classroom lessons more exciting in 3D? XPAND 3D thinks so, and will make the case with its new XPAND 3D Educational Network, which will offer 3D instructional technology to schools at the K-12 and higher-education levels.

“Educational institutions are continuing to adopt 3D technology into their classrooms as 3D is proving to have a profound impact on knowledge retention among students,” says Ami Dror, chief strategy officer of XPAND 3D. “Our Educational 3D Network allows teachers to easily create their own stereoscopic 3D presentation, to share it with other teachers, to edit and modify such presentations and to have fruitful discussions about 3D education. It is the only educational 3D content that is made by teachers and for teachers.”

XPAND has teamed with industry leaders to supply the network members with high-quality, public-domain educational 3D content that can be used free of charge. Educational 3D content suppliers can also offer premium 3D content for sale on the Educational Network.

XPAND’s PowerPoint 3D plug-in allows users to easily add 3D images, graphics and objects to PowerPoint presentations. Users can set the amount of depth to every element in a slideshow and embed 3D movies, 3D pictures and graphics. The plug-in is compatible with MS Office 2010.

Once a school joins the XPAND network, it will be granted free access to XPAND’s 3D Educational Content Library, to which educators from around the world contribute by submitting new 3D movies, pictures and presentations. Educators are encouraged to create and modify the library in order to maximize the quality of 3D education. The XPAND 3D Educational kit includes: 30 XPAND 3D glasses; a multiformat XPAND 3D cable; XPAND 3D PowerPoint software; and free access to the XPAND 3D Educational Content Library. The XPAND 3D Educational Kit is compatible with any 3D-ready DLP projector.

3D Camp for Kids
In addition to the Educational 3D Network, XPAND 3D is supporting other educational initiatives, such as Camp RED, sponsored by RED Digital Cinema. At Camp RED, students age 9-15 will learn to use the same technology that was used on such blockbuster movies as The Social Network, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Peter Jackson’s upcoming film, The Hobbit.

“A significant component of Camp RED will be shooting in 3D and educating our campers on the proper techniques involved in 3D production,” says Ted Schilowitz, RED Digital Cinema. “XPAND is looking to be a key component in the teaching of the campers on 3D, while we in turn fully support XPAND’s efforts to improve education in all subjects through the use of 3D technology. It’s a really exciting and valuable part of the modern learning experience.”


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