Yokogawa Releases OTDR for Rapid Testing of PON Access Networks

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AMERSFOORT, THE NETHERLANDS — The new Yokogawa AQ1210 OTDR (optical-time domain reflectometer) only resembles the existing AQ1200 in appearance - internally it has been completely re-engineered to bring the features and user-friendly operation of the AQ7280 flagship OTDR to the installers and testers of passive optical networks (PON) and fibre to the antenna (FTTA).

The AQ1210 uses an optimied operating system, which, in conjunction with the 5.7-inch capacitive multi-touch screen display and built-in smart mapper, enables the operator to rapidly characterize fibers in ranges from 200 meters to 256 km and generate easy-to-read pdf reports with icons clearly highlighting events.

PON is typically used throughout the world to provide optical fiber-based services to domestic and commercial customers. With 6 models offering 2 or 3 wavelengths, and the ability to test live fibre networks with high-port count splitters (up to 1:128), every user can find an AQ1210 model with the combination of wavelengths required to meet the testing needs of their local country or region.

“As more and more optical networks are installed to satisfy the demand for reliable and fast internet services, there is an increasing demand for choice in the selection of cost-effective and multi-capable test equipment,” says Terry Marrinan, vice president Europe, ASEAN & Oceania, for Yokogawa’s Test & Measurement Business Unit, “With the introduction of the AQ1210 we are fulfilling our commitment to provide, since our very first model launched in 1981, a complete range of OTDRs able to measure fibers from the Local Area Networks to the ultra long-haul backbone lines.”

Compact, Lightweight and Rugged
Measuring 210 x 148 x 69 mm and weighing just 1 kg, the AQ1210 can be operated using the touch screen or adjacent hardware keys. It is therefore compact and lightweight enough to be easily handled while testing the last mile of fiber to the consumers’ premises and also rugged enough to be used in more demanding and hostile environments where low temperatures, for example, affect touch screen operation.

The AQ1210 can perform different measurement functions simultaneously, saving time during tests. These include OTDR, Optical Power Meter (OPM), Visible Fault Locator (VFL), and automatic PASS/FAIL analysis of the surface of the optical fibre using a fibre inspection probe.

The internal battery, which provides in excess of 10 hours of operation - more than enough for a working day - is charged via a type-C USB port using a USB charger nowadays commonly used to recharge smartphones. The AQ1210 also includes two USB type-A ports and supports wireless connectivity, promoting easy sharing of test results.

For further information on the AQ1210 OTDR visit: https://tmi.yokogawa.com/eu/solutions/products/optical-measuring-instruments/optical-time-domain-reflectometer/aq1210-series-optical-time-domain-reflectometer/




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