Zayo to Deliver Broadband to Rural Communities with Microsoft Airband


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BOULDER, CO — Zayo Group, a provider of network connectivity in North America and Europe, has signed an agreement with Microsoft Corp. to bring connectivity to underserved, rural communities across the United States as part of the Microsoft Airband Initiative. The initiative partners with ISPs working on broadband access solutions for rural unserved communities through a mix of technologies that includes TV white spaces (TVWS). As part of the agreement, Zayo will provide backbone fiber solutions via its existing network to ISPs to deliver high speed internet.

Zayo has deep, dense fiber networks in every major market in the U.S., which includes Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 cities. In addition, Zayo’s long haul networks connect multiple markets, traversing rural areas in more than 30 states, either in place or under construction. This infrastructure fuels innovation for the world’s most impactful companies. Working with Microsoft’s Airband Initiative, Zayo will enable communications, collaboration and innovation to rural communities.

Bringing Broadband Access to 3 Million Rural Americans

Through collaborations with ISPs and other companies and organizations, the Microsoft Airband Initiative aims to extend broadband access to at least 3 million people in unserved portions of rural America by July 2022. Despite advances in telecommunications technology over the past decade, 21 million Americans lack broadband access at threshold speeds according to the FCC.

“When underserved areas gain access to high-speed internet, everyone benefits,” said Brian Daniels, senior vice president of Strategic Networks at Zayo. “Broadband provides access to educational, employment and healthcare resources at the family level as well as facilitating economic development in the communities in which they live. Combining our large mobile infrastructure builds and our ever expanding K-12 education networks provides Zayo an unparalleled platform to support the Airband Initiative. We look forward to working together with Microsoft — and with rural service providers — on this innovative initiative to close the digital divide.”

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