ZCorum Adds FTTx Features to its TruVizion Diagnostics

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FT. LAUDERDALE, FL — ZCorum, a provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics, has updated its monitoring and diagnostic tool, TruVizion, to be compatible with fiber network equipment.

ZCorum began offering TruVizion diagnostics for DOCSIS networks in 2009. In 2012, diagnostics for DSL networks was added along with an auto configuration server (ACS) for management of TR-069 devices.

Key Metrics to Monitor Fiber Networks
The new FTTx features added to TruVizion, currently available for the Calix E7 platform, consolidate key metrics that providers need to keep watch on their fiber network.

“TruVizion is one of the few cross-platform tools in the industry,” said Scott Helms, vice president of technology at ZCorum. “Some manufacturers for fiber equipment provide diagnostics and monitoring tools for their own platforms, but none provide the coverage or the insight that TruVizion provides.”

Detailed Diagnostics for Each Subscriber
According to Helms, operators will also find that TruVizion’s interface is refreshingly intuitive. “We provide a summary breakdown page of all devices that shows ONT status by OLT, shelf, card and port. Plus, you can drill-in to get a detailed diagnostics page for each subscriber to see the status of the PON connection, gigabit Ethernet ports, T1/E1 ports, as well as voice and video ports.”

“We’re looking forward to showing fiber providers the wealth of information they can quickly access with TruVizion.” said Julie Compann, ZCorum’s president and CEO. “We’ve had great success with TruVizion for DOCSIS and DSL networks, and expect to see a lot of excitement at the show now that we’ve added fiber compatibility.”


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