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Oakland, CA — Access vendor Zhone Technologies Inc. introduced 24 new models of its zNID optical network terminals (ONTs), resulting in what it calls the industry’s most comprehensive ONT portfolio. By targeting models to specific applications (corporate business communications, residential triple-play and mobile backhaul), to specific levels of complexity, to local preferences for indoor or outdoor ONTs and to specific network architectures, Zhone aims to help operators take advantage of new revenue opportunities and lock in competitive advantage.

The new ONT line is optimized to support the shift to unicast media streams (think Hulu) that require enormous dedicated bandwidth. The line also includes automation features to cut installation times and provide flexibility in the field.

“Because ONTs represent the majority of electronic equipment costs in FTTx networks, selecting the right customer-premises devices for GPON and active Ethernet isn’t only essential for sound network design, it can be a make-or-break decision for network operators,” says Steven Glapa, Zhone’s VP of product management and marketing.

Glapa says that while any particular customer typically needs only three or four models of ONT, the ability to find the right three or four models is critical. For example, Sok Channda, president and CEO of MekongNet, which is launching an extensive fiber deployment in Cambodia, says, "The ability to precisely match our requirements for customer premises equipment and service configuration creates real competitive advantage for us.” Yankee Group analyst Vince Vittore adds, "Requirements differ substantially between applications as well as across geographies and service provider segments, making Zhone’s total ONT suite timely as the market for FTTx continues to expand.”

New features include:

Auto provisioning, which gives technicians greater flexibility in the field while streamlining installs and cutting deployment times.
Smart OMCI,  a standards-based GPON ONT management interface for ease of operations in GPON networks and interoperability in multivendor environments.
Any Port – Any Service, which makes the ONTs more flexible.
zNID CPE Manager, which includes automatic configuration and activation, enhanced inventory tracking, centralized reporting, configurable backup and restore, and managed software upgrades.
Snap to Fit Configuration, yielding a wide variety of form factors (indoor, outdoor, single-multi-unit) and physical interfaces for active Ethernet and GPON networks (POTS, 10/100 Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, T1/E1, RF video, HPNA, packetized RF return, and RFoG); voice interop through SIP, H.248, MGCP, GR-303, and V5.2; and the options of full NAT, firewall, and residential gateway functionality.
Single-Line, Multi-Service (SLMS) access operating system, which supports flexible traffic management, enhanced security, and feature-rich voice networking for differentiated service offerings.


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