Zhone Introduces Single-Pane-of-Glass Management

  • Zhone Technologies
OAKLAND, CA — Zhone Technologies, Inc., a provider of FTTx network access solutions, introduced Zhone Unified Provisioning solution providing service providers with a holistic and simplified approach to Multiservice and Multifunction Access Management. Integration of the cloud-based provisioning solution provides a single point from which to manage and configure the entire network, reduces network and management complexity and also reduces OPEX and CAPEX.

While provisioning is necessary to manage a network, standard TR-069 provisioning generally functions by requiring the additional use of an ACS Server. The TR-069 approach to provisioning requires an upfront investment in TR-069 ACS systems, several fixed costs to develop the provisioning interfaces and recurring annual fees based on the number of managed devices. Zhone Unified Provisioning simplifies this process by removing the required integration of TR-069 and the ACS server, making installation simpler and providing unique benefits previously unavailable through other provisioning models available on the market today.

Zhone Unified Provisioning Benefits

  • Massive scalability: The approach is highly distributed, with every GPON line card in the network responsible for provisioning only the zNIDs that are directly connected to it.

  • Lower fixed costs and no variable costs: Zhone Unified Provisioning's approach is a software feature provided at no charge, requiring no additional services or processing hardware.

  • A fully integrated approach: The approach combines all Residential Gateways + zNID actions into a single Operational Support System (OSS) Gateway interface, with no need for coordination of provisioning actions between two entirely different provisioning platforms.

  • Less effort to develop the required flow-through provisioning and automation: The solution uses the same OSS Gateway Interface that automation teams are already familiar with.

  • A faster service turn-up: After the software has been installed, it will fully configure a Factory Defaulted zNID for all required services within two minutes of the GPON link ranging.

  • A significant reduction in zNID management traffic within the network: The solution enables all management and configuration of zNIDS to be local to the GPON link between the zNID and the OLT line card.

"Zhone Unified Provisioning takes a fully integrated approach, making use of a single OSS Gateway, simplifying the process by eliminating the need for TR-069 provisioning with ACS Servers," said Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer at Zhone Technologies. "The solution removes expensive servers and protocols associated with the training, management and maintenance of ACS Servers required by other provisioning solutions and provides a number of benefits unique to Zhone Unified Provisioning."


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