Zhone Introduces zNID FiberJACK Wall-Mount ONT

  • Zhone Technologies
OAKLAND, CA - Zhone Technologies, a provider of FTTx network access solutions, announced the release of the Zhone 2800 Series FiberJACK Active Ethernet ONTs and GPON ONTs. The solution, which can be used for both service provider access and passive optical LAN, offers full residential gateway functionality in a low-profile wall-plate design that keeps power and fiber connections hidden within walls.

Secure, Zero-Footprint Wideband Access
The Zhone 2800 Series FiberJACK ONT's efficient installation process facilitates enterprise and hospitality deployments that require secure, zero-footprint wideband access. Similarly, rental housing and campus housing complexes can also benefit from the robust and low maintenance design of this ONT. Its wall-plate design ensures secure and uncluttered deployments with no exposed fiber or power, preventing service loss due to accidental disconnection, tampering or theft.

"Unlike other solutions on the market, the Zhone zNID FiberJACK supports a greater number of ports and can conveniently connect to IP phones, switches and PCs, significantly reducing deployment costs. Thanks to essential functionality features such as supervision, monitoring and maintenance, the zNID can easily be managed from remote sites," said Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer at Zhone Technologies. "Because of its technologically advanced design, installation of the zNID FiberJACK is efficient, cost-effective, and the solution provides a full range of services that help ensure operators deliver optimum experiences for their customers."

Available in two powering versions, AC models and DC models, high-speed Internet access and IPTV services are easily provisioned through the ONT's flexible management features. Extensive diagnostics in the ONT reduce service call disruption and allow operators to expertly manage traffic on each ONT LAN port.


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