ZTE Announces DOCSIS-Compliant EPON Solution

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DENVER -- Another new fiber-to-the-home solution for cable TV providers was announced by  ZTE USA, a subsidiary of Chinese telecom equipment vendor ZTE. This DOCSIS-compliant EPON solution lets MSOs deploy fiber optic networks for residential, commercial and mobile backhaul applications without changing their DOCSIS-based back-office systems.

Being able to provision EPON services (high-speed Internet access, VoIP, IPTV or RF-overlay video) with their existing DOCSIS back-office systems allows MSOs to compete with telcos for new business, maximize revenues from new services and reduce expenditures for operations and routine maintenance.

ZTE says its solution offers the increased bandwidth, large network scale, security and reliability expected by commercial customers. Certified MEF-9 and MEF-14 features enable MSOs to deliver carrier Ethernet service to customers.

In residential applications, MSOs can offer triple-play services with guaranteed quality of service at competitive prices. An EPON-compliant RFoG solution allows them to deploy RF video with existing set-top boxes along with EPON-based data and voice services.

And in mobile backhaul applications - a new and major business opportunity driven by skyrocketing mobile Internet traffic - MSOs can transport both traditional TDM service and Ethernet traffic from cell sites seamlessly over the same infrastructure. The EPON mobile backhaul solution is a carrier-Ethernet-class and high-QoS guaranteed solution for 2G, 3G and 4G wireless deployments.


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