ZTE Helps MNC Deploy First FTTH Internet Service in Indonesia

  • Media Nusantara Citra (MNC Media)
  • ZTE Corporation
SHENZHEN, CHINA — ZTE Corporation, a global provider of telecommunications equipment, network solutions and mobile devices, is pleased to help MNC Kabel Mediacom deploy the first ultra-broadband Internet service in Indonesia, delivering connection speeds of up to 200 Mbps to users for a richer and more interactive online experience.

The MNC Play Media Service of MNC Kabel Mediacom leverages ZTE’s gigabit passive optical network (GPON) technology and FTTH technologies. On completion, MNC Kabel Mediacom’s network will connect at least 2 million home passes and in at least ten major cities across Indonesia. MNC Kabel Mediacom is a part of Media Nusantara Citra (MNC Media), the largest media group in South East Asia.

Developing ICT Technology in Indonesia
“MNC Play Media and ZTE share the same vision on how the companies are able to contribute in the development of information, communication, technology (ICT), and multimedia in Indonesia,” said Ade Tjendra, commercial director at MNC Kabel Mediacom. “We selected ZTE's solutions over other solutions for its capabilities to provide end-to-end solution and service platform that has been proven globally. This strategic partnership will help us to deliver higher broadband Internet speed and richer interactive multimedia content to a wider market in Indonesia.”

MNC Group is the largest and the only integrated media, broadcasting, entertainment and telecommunication group in Indonesia with operations that encompasses content production, content distribution, television and radio broadcasting, newspaper, magazine, tabloids, Internet and data telecommunication operator, and value added services provider. MNC is expanding their business by entering the broadband Internet service provider and cable pay TV market in Indonesia.

ZTE's end-to-end FTTH Solutions deliver high bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps and low-latency transmission (less than 1ms), providing a reliable and stable connection that is suitable for next generation multimedia and interactive applications. ZTE’s FTTH solutions are deployed by operators around the world, including Spain’s Jazztel and Colombia’s ETB.


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