Zyxel Launches Multy Pro Whole-Home Managed Wi-Fi System

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ANAHEIM, CA — Zyxel Communications, a provider of secure broadband networking, internet access and connected home products, announced the launch of Multy Pro, a Mesh-powered, intelligent Wi-Fi system of products that enables service providers to quickly and profitably deploy whole-home managed Wi-Fi services. The Multy Pro System will include a series of Zyxel broadband gateways and Wi-Fi extenders that offer service providers choice and flexibility in deploying the perfect whole-home solutions to address the unique environments of their customers.

Free Firmware Enhancement on Zyxel Residential Gateways
The Multy Pro system will be made available as a free of cost firmware enhancement on Zyxel’s residential gateways including the VMG4825 AC2050 Bonded VDSL2 Gateway for copper deployments and the EMG3425 AC2200 Gigabit Ethernet Gateway for FTTH deployments. By incorporating the gateways into the intelligent Mesh-powered ecosystem, service providers can leverage their existing investment in CPE devices. Zyxel plans to add new gateways and extenders to the Multy Pro ecosystem, beginning with the upcoming launch of the high-power WAP6804 AC2200 Wi-Fi Extender. The WAP6804 will offer high-speed wireless or Gigabit Ethernet wired backhaul connectivity to the gateways for optimal Wi-Fi coverage.

Seamless Coverage for Whole-Home Enjoyment of Bandwidth-Intensive Applications
The Multy Pro system with MeshIQ offers an intelligent WiFi control and optimization technology that provides a powerful dual-band, whole-home WiFi network. To ensure an optimal user experience and maximize the performance of the connected devices, Multy Pro creates a seamless, single WiFi network and automatically steers WiFi clients between the two frequency bands (Band Steering) and between different WiFi APs (Client or AP Steering). This advanced WiFi solution enables subscribers to enjoy advanced network-enabled services as they were meant to be experienced, and eliminates the concern of dropped video chats or interrupted HD media streaming and gaming even when moving from room to room throughout the home.

Remote Management Improves Customer Service, Reduces Truck Rolls

All Multy Pro devices support the TR-069 and TR-181 standards for remote management, enabling service providers to gain valuable insight into each subscriber’s connected home networks. The TR-181 standard protocol adds extensive WiFi diagnostic features to help service providers closely monitor and quickly resolve any issues. With remote access to this information, Multy Pro devices can reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction through shorter support calls and fewer truck rolls.

Mobile App Reduces Support Calls, Saves Costs for ISPs

The intuitive Multy Pro mobile app walks consumers through installation, configuration of guest networks, enables them to view or change passwords, and allows them to establish parental controls. Available for Android and iOS devices, the app provides consumers with basic management tools and gives them visibility of their ever-expanding digital homes.

“Service providers want a solution that will enhance subscriber WiFi experience, and enable them to deploy managed WiFi services, while giving them the ability to reduce support costs,” explained Brian Feng, Senior Vice President at Zyxel. “Multy Pro delivers on all counts and is exactly what both the subscriber and service provider need to develop and maintain a long, happy relationship.”


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