Zzoomm and ADTRAN Partner for Full Fiber Future in the UK


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HUNTSVILLE, AL — ADTRAN, a provider of next-generation open networking and subscriber experience solutions, announced that Zzoomm, an innovative alternative Full Fiber network provider in the UK, is now delivering multi-gigabit services in one of the UK’s brightest communities. Zzoomm is leveraging ADTRAN’s 10G Symmetrical XGS PON porfolio to initially offer up to 2 Gbps symmetric residential services. Zzoomm’s deployment lights the way to future-proof the UK for smart homes, and businesses, laying the foundations for a media-rich collaborative world of possibilities. These possibilities include remote education, collaboration and entertainment, all utilizing bandwidth-intensive and latency-sensitive applications that demand connectivity like Zzoomm’s so that all UK citizens can fully participate in the global Gigabit Economy.

“Today, less than 11 percent of the UK has full fiber coverage, and we’re addressing that head-on by building the broadband network of the future with ADTRAN,” said Matthew Hare, chief executive of Zzoomm. “Henley-on-Thames is a tech-savvy town with a great digital community, many remote workers and a mix of population demographics. Like the rest of the UK, residents of Henley love bandwidth-intensive applications and online gaming. Our full fiber network provides the infrastructure needed to ensure that every person gets the optimized broadband experience they crave, both today and in the future.”

ADTRAN’s Fiber Broadband and Home Networking Solutions

Zzoomm is leveraging a full suite of ADTRAN’s fiber broadband and home networking solutions tailored to maximize the customer broadband experience. One of the challenges for residential subscribers in the UK is that many of the residential homes are older and are built using materials that can block Wi-Fi signals. To overcome this challenge, Zzoomm intends to offer multiple services to the home where ADTRAN SmartRG residential gateways are leveraged to extend the Wi-Fi coverage across a home or use a second broadband service of 100 Mbps to separate home and work networks. Together these devices ensure that each customer can fully utilize the capacity purchased to support remote workers or even teenagers looking game or stream 4k videos. These devices are part of a fully integrated cloud service delivery platform that optimizes the subscriber experience and reduces the complexity of the home network.

At the core of its full-fiber network is ADTRAN’s Total Access 5000 (TA5000). With it, Zzoomm can seamlessly scale services within Henley-on-Thames, and beyond, by upgrading the switch fabric to 100G, this platform ensures their customers have the network they need today and across future decades.




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