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901 Explorer Blvd.
Huntsville, AL 35806
P: 800-923-8726

Services/Products: Network planning; system integration; design; engineering; construction; installation; passive components for FTTH networks; optical LAN solutions; fiber-to-the-home electronics; network development and service provision

Highly accurate timing devices have become staple components of modern networks. And while those devices have gotten easier to use, quality of installation and commissioning, especially when outdoor antennas are used, often dictates the long-term user experience. Doing it right can yield a decade of trouble-free timing. Doing it without understanding the science or by cutting corners is, at best, a roll of the dice. More often, though, a short-sighted choice yields a problematic product service life or, worse, critical outages caused by the installation itself. Adtran has launched a turnkey service that we call Perfect Timing to bridge this experience divide for customers. Fixing outdoor GNSS antennas to buildings and running coax to them is not hard. Customer field or site staff can do it. But doing it knowing that every potential vulnerability has been designed out is a job for experts. Adtran’s Perfect Timing service delivers an optimal site design that ensures building owners are satisfied that no harm has been done and zero maintenance will be required. Existing points of entry will be used, or new wall breaches will be done correctly. Lightning protection, grounding, and surge suppression will be ensured, along with high wind durability. Sufficient satellite count, visibility, and signal strength will be surveyed and confirmed delivered. Low satellite count thresholds will be set to ensure no false alarms occur as satellites move. Antennas will be placed to avoid jamming, RF noise, and future obstructions. Cable selection and runs will be made identical so that redundant timing modules, each with their own antenna, will act the same. And the design, as-builts, and acceptance testing will be documented in a handover package. Perfect Timing is achieved when the right gear is enabled by the right installation. Why not let the Adtran experts deliver yours?




7050 Winnetka Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55428
P: 763-476-6866

Services/Products: Passive components for FTTH networks; optical LAN solutions; fiber and fiber cable; fiber-to-the-home electronics

Clearfield’s SeeChange™ Access Terminal and Hardened Connector system speeds the final connection with a small, craft-friendly, carrier-grade, access terminal ideal for any fiber network deployment requiring a plug-and-play approach.

Purpose-built as a commercially off-the-shelf option for community broadband and 5G network operators looking to overcome industry-wide supply chain constraints and a shortage of skilled technicians, this readily available, plug-and-play terminal and hardened connector system is a cost-effective, prepackaged solution that requires minimal training in any deployment scenario, tested to withstand even the most extreme environments.

SeeChange hardened fiber assemblies are available with either a multifiber MPO connector or a single fiber SC APC connector. An integrated rear shell provides the feature that engages and fully seals a connection to the SeeChange Terminal. The connection is ideal for harsh OSP environments and is rated for installations below grade or above grade including aerial installations on strands. An MPO input port allows for four subscriber drop ports as well as an MPO Express output port that feeds downstream terminals, enabling the operator to push fiber deeper in the neighborhood. The compact size can be deployed in a variety of locations including pedestal, vault, flowerpot, pole-mount, smart-pole, or strand-mounted options.

The game changing SeeChange™ Access Terminal and precisely designed hardened connectors speed the final connection through:

  • Off-the-shelf availability
  • Minimizing inventory management
  • Cutting your design time
  • Simplifying your installations

SeeChange works alongside Clearfield’s other terminal products, each designed so that engineers can deliver fiber services in support of any size fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), fiber-to-the-business (FTTB), or 5G network, with minimal training needed for installation and service activation.

Clearfield® innovations make designing and installing plug-and-play fiber networks faster and easier than ever before. To learn more, contact us at or 800.422.2537.




630 Lincoln Ave.
Clay Center, KS 67432
P: 877-799-3774

Services/Products: Construction equipment; network planning; system integration; design; engineering; construction; installation; passive components for FTTH networks; fiber and fiber cable; fiber-to-the-home electronics

Introducing the Voltar 3.0, our latest addition and your next generation Solar UPS. Customizable to provide reliable off-grid power for ONTs, Wi-Fi, surveillance cameras, and wireless equipment. Power when and where you need it in a rack mount or self contained enclosure.




341 East Catawba Street
Belmont, NC 28012
P: 859-554-8877

Services/Products: Network planning; system integration; design; engineering; construction; installation; passive components for FTTH networks; optical LAN solutions; fiber and fiber cable

Hexatronic enables nonstop connectivity for communities worldwide. We partner with customers across four continents – from telecom operators to network owners – offering leading-edge fiber technology. We have the knowledge, the people, and the solutions to secure tomorrow’s broadband needs – and we know how.

Hexatronic offers a complete range of passive fiber optic infrastructure. We design, develop, manufacture, and market our own products, solutions, and services to work together optimally.

We deliver complete end-to-end optical fiber passive systems for a wide selection of applications and installation environments including FTTH, metro, access and rural networks. Typically, 85% of the total capex is in the installation labor cost. Our cabling solutions employ micro duct technology and air-blown fiber cables that are much more cost effective, faster to install and more scalable than traditional architectures. Furthermore, micro cabling systems are more sustainable, generating a lower carbon footprint by utilizing less plastic materials and reducing transportation impact relative to larger conduit materials.

Air-blown fiber technology is deployed both in the feeder part of the network using our Viper branded micro cables available with fiber counts up to 864 fibers. Smaller micro ducts are utilized in the distribution and drop part of the access network (i.e., last mile), with our Stingray branded fiber bundles available from 2-24 fibers. These fiber bundles can be blown at 100 meters per minute for distances up to 1 kilometer.

Our engineering and site technology services ensure that comprehensive training is provided to system designers as well as to contractors deploying our complete solutions in underground or aerial applications and for single-family or MDU type installations.

Owning our complete production chain gives us great flexibility and enables us to respond quickly to unique customer requests and ensure supply chain peace of mind. With innovation, vast technical knowledge, and high level of service, we work every day to improve our offering.




5101 Thatcher Road
Downers Grove, IL 60515
P: 888-638-1198

Services/Products: Network planning; system integration; design; engineering; construction; installation

Fiber broadband internet offers enormous bandwidth and distance advantages over copper wires and is one of the most secure technologies for modern work and home life. Network Connex, along with its subsidiary National Technologies (NTI), is a leader in fiber deployment from engineering to fiber backbone installation. Network Connex’s outside plant (OSP) services benefit network operators and end users in every region including those involved with federal fiber to the home (FTTH) initiatives.

Our project approach and many years of experience across design, engineering, construction, and fiber testing, splicing, and placement provide our customers with peace of mind in achieving a well-planned and efficient fiber optic deployment that supports both community broadband ambitions and growth of carrier market share. From site survey and civil, structural, and electrical drawings through aerial and underground construction, placement, repair, and closeout inspections and as-builts, Network Connex teams are integral to the expansion of fiber broadband service to urban, suburban, and rural communities.

When choosing where to make an investment in purchasing or renting a home, many citizens will consider community amenities, and areas offering access to high-speed fiber broadband attract new investment while empowering their community members to thrive educationally and economically.

With deep knowledge of the complexity of fiber pathways, Network Connex teams proudly work with fiber carriers, dark fiber providers, municipalities, and utilities to develop smart and sustainable networks throughout the U.S. and beyond. Through seasoned professionals in all ranks, we offer a full range of turnkey capabilities to provide our customers with a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving markets. Our services include:

  • State-of-the-art design and engineering
  • Wireless/Fiber construction and maintenance
  • OSP/ISP fiber placement, splicing, and testing
  • Construction and project management
  • Integration
  • Emergency restoration with 24/7 service available

Learn more at




2000 Northeast Expressway
Norcross, GA 30071
P: 770-798-5555

Services/Products: Network planning; system integration; design; engineering; construction; installation; passive components for FTTH networks; optical LAN solutions; fiber and fiber cable; distributors of fiber optic products

Optical fiber deployments into apartments and homes must be unnoticeable to the homeowner to be accepted and must enable optimum placement of ONT/Wi-Fi units to improve wireless coverage. In addition, fiber installations should be fast and easy. The OFS InvisiLight® solves all three of these challenges.

The InvisiLight Solution from OFS was first introduced in 2012, and since then it has been installed by over 40 service providers to serve over 1 million subscribers in North America and Europe. In addition to the in-living unit and MDU hallway system, OFS introduced a new façade solution that can save $90 per living unit passed compared with conventional approaches. The in-living unit (ILU) system has been enhanced with a new 600 µm fiber and EZ-Hide Spool that fits neatly behind wall mount ONTs. All InvisiLight solutions feature OFS EZ-Bend® Fiber, which can be bent down to a 2.5 mm radius, avoiding the need for corner bend management devices to speed installation by up to 15%. The engineered and tested InvisiLight adhesive system has been proven to reliably and invisibly hold InvisiLight fiber and InvisiLight cables in place since 2012.



Quantum Fiber

1025 Eldorado Blvd.
Broomfield, CO 80021

Services/Products: Fiber and fiber cable

Quantum Fiber is the smart broadband investment that delivers tomorrow-speed internet and fully digital solutions tailored to any property. For future-focused builders, developers, and property owners, Quantum Fiber is a launchpad for modernizing developments and giving both existing communities and future builds a competitive edge.

The Connected Communities team draws on years of expertise and is committed to forging lasting partnerships while delivering the whole connected world to communities and residents. Backed by our Tier-1 fiber backbone, infrastructure, and global cyber monitoring, Quantum Fiber means solutions for today and service and support for the long haul.



Xfinity Communities

1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Services/Products: Fiber and fiber cable; network development and service provision

Xfinity Communities helps your residents feel at home before they even finish unpacking. We’ll get your property Wi-Fi ready by preinstalling Xfinity Gateways in your units, so residents can enjoy fast, reliable internet upon arrival. All they need to do is sign up online for Xfinity internet, lease the Gateway, and activate their service. And the Gateway stays in place after the resident moves out, ready for the next resident to enjoy the same experience.

Your residents will love not waiting for installation and being able to quickly activate through the Xfinity app. Learn more about our Wi-Fi ready solution at:


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