How Do You Take Fiber Further? Attend Fiber Connect.

At this year’s Fiber Connect in Nashville, Tennessee, attendees will learn about opportunities for investment, deployment and technology innovation in optical fiber networks for homes, businesses, people and a wide array of advanced devices.

It has been decades since fiber entered the forefront of innovations in broadband, and many milestones have been achieved. For example, fiber optic cable has become more robust – today, it withstands crushing forces and 5 to 10 pounds of tension. It is more flexible – it can be bent and twisted into a pretzel.

It consistently proves that it is virtually unlimited, with more than 50,000 times the capacity of wireless or coaxial cable and more than 400,000 times the capacity of copper. Not to mention, fiber is more reliable than any other broadband technology available today. With the most significant investment in broadband available, now is the time to take yarn further.

FBA Board Chair Kevin Morgan

Everything and Everyone Connected

Necessity is the mother of invention. Broadband has quickly become the critical infrastructure that, like a well-oiled machine, allows for high productivity and efficiency, contributes to low unemployment rates, and provides societal benefits, such as access to telehealth, education and other critical informational resources. Possibilities are limitless when fiber broadband is deployed universally. Services and applications becoming commonplace will impact future innovations and how and where people live, interact with health care providers, attend school and work, and achieve a quality standard of living.

There is no universal solution to delivering broadband due to geographies that pose unique challenges – think of rural areas where obstacles such as mountains exist – so state and tribal leaders are working on strategies and objectives to bring broadband to their citizens. On Day One of Fiber Connect 2022, keynotes with the theme Bridging the Digital Divide will shed light on the intent of the programs that aim to close the digital gap for all Americans. In State of the States and Ensuring Fiber Reaches Everyone, state leaders will provide insight into the challenges they face and their commitment and strategy to supporting all-fiber mid- and last-mile requirements that will improve the quality of life for all residents and deliver accurate 5G services.

Attendees will hear from industry leaders about how all-fiber networks have been cost-effective, led to economic growth, and enabled communities to thrive.

Fiber for a Better Economic Future

The pandemic proved to the world that the haves and have-nots really exist in broadband. The have-nots were at a distinct disadvantage during the past few years. It was difficult for many to continue working, which caused a trickle-down effect in which businesses could not maintain the same level of productivity because not every individual had access to high-speed, reliable internet.

Over the years, developments in improving public infrastructure, such as roads, bridges and railways, have worked alongside or been paired with technological advancements to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and provide a safe environment for citizens of a community. For instance, municipalities across the U.S. have been deploying fiber networks as the basis for smart grids and smart cities because doing so is well recognized for creating long-term economic benefits. In addition, these investments in fiber have long-lasting effects, such as job creation, attracting new businesses to the area, and increasing property values.

In the Fiber Connect sessions Enablement at Light Speed and Municipal Fiber and How Communities Use Fiber to Thrive, key leaders responsible for choosing all-fiber networks will explain how their communities are thriving, how costs have been significantly lowered, and why fiber has been an essential component to delivering economic growth.

Fiber is the foundation of the 21st century digital economy. Fiber Connect is the education and information hub to learn about opportunities for investment, deployment and technology innovation in optical fiber networks for homes, businesses, people and a wide array of advanced devices.

The 2022 edition of the event will offer new, unique opportunities for business development, market development, technology demonstration and peer-group interaction. Sunday pre-conference workshops will provide a learning experience from the Broadband Starter Kit, the Broadband Infrastructure Playbook, and the Future of Fiber Technologies BASe that cannot be found at any other conference.

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Deborah Kish is vice president of research and workforce development for the Fiber Broadband Association. Contact her at

Deborah Kish


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