Telcos’ Fiber Adds Rise as Copper Erosion Ramps in Q2

Telcos continue to see fiber broadband subscriber counts rise as their DSL copper base dwindles. 

  • AT&T

The largest telcos’ copper to fiber conversion growing pains continued into the second quarter as service providers ramped up fiber subscribers amidst ongoing defections of their DSL customer base.

In all, the top wireline telcos lost about 85,000 total broadband subscribers in the second quarter of 2022 – up from about 50,000 net adds in the same period last year.

Wireline Telcos added about 490,000 net fiber broadband customers in the second quarter. However, the group had about 575,000 non-fiber net losses.

Doug Dawson of CCG Consulting said in his POTs and PANs column that “there is another story underneath the big telco losses – fiber is doing well.”

Collectively, AT&T, Verizon, Lumen and Frontier saw fiber gains during the quarter.

Look at the chart below to see how telcos performed during the quarter. Broadband Communities developed these rankings from the information in service providers’ earnings reports. 

Service provider Total Broadband Subs Subs Added/Lost Broadband Revenue
AT&T 15M -24,000 $2.4B
Verizon 7.4M 12,000 $2.9B
Lumen 4.4M -90,000 $1.2B
Frontier  2.83M 8,000 $268M
Windstream  1.2M 2,500 (not reported)
TDS  500K 5,600 $168M
Consolidated  381K 1,063 $68M
Shentel  125K 3,342** $61.4M


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