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This year’s show featured advanced aerial cameras, multifunctional TVs and even high-tech cookware.

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This June in New York City, the most advanced consumer gear and gadgets were on display at CE Week. Last year’s show featured security and safety devices; this year’s show was all about fun. Aerial cameras, new TVs designed for the social media age and a fancy griddle for creating “pancake art” were just a few items showcasing the imaginative, ingenious – and sometimes delicious – future of consumer tech.

AirSelfie Aerial Cameras

AirSelfie offers the next evolution of aerial cameras. These cameras take selfies from heights and angles that would be impossible to achieve using handheld cameras. There will be three models to choose from later this year, just in time for holiday shopping. The most basic version (AIR PIX) is already on the market. It’s smaller than an iPhone X, weighs less than a golf ball, and can be in flight for more than six minutes. It flies 3 to 5 feet away, then snaps up to 15 12-megapixel photos or continuous video footage before returning to where it started.

Judging from the response of the crowd at AirSelfie’s booth, AIR PIX has a tremendous “wow” factor.

The other two models, the AIR DUO and AIR SKY, will be ready this fall. They offer additional lenses and are capable of more imaginative selfies. The AIR DUO uses two high-definition lenses – one for parallel profile shots and the other for birds-eye views. The number of airborne minutes and the range are about the same as they are for the AIR PIX. AIR SKY is the only water-resistant aerial camera. It can be used to capture spectacular shots of an active lifestyle over water – think swimming, surfing or water skiing.

Samsung Sero Vertical TV

TVs and mobile TV screens have evolved quickly over the last decade. The Samsung Sero is positioned to top them all.

Technically, the Sero is a 43-inch TV and not a smartphone. But Samsung hopes that prospective customers will think of it as a phone. Users can project their smartphone content onto the Sero’s screen, which rotates horizontally or vertically depending on the content. For social media users, this offers a new way to view and share content from a variety of platforms.

The Sero is the latest addition to Samsung’s ever-growing “lifestyle” TV lineup. In addition to projecting social media content, it can be used as a regular TV, a music streaming device or a giant digital photo frame. It’s expected to launch in the United States later this year.

Westinghouse ROKU TV

Westinghouse ROKU TV lets viewers watch exactly what they want – however and whenever they want. It offers access to more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes via more than 5,000 free and paid channels.

Westinghouse HD ROKU TV offers built-in dual-band Wi-Fi for fast streaming and USB for displaying personal media. Other features include Live TV Pause, voice commands and the ability to share videos from smartphones. The models are available in HD and 4K resolutions and range from 32 to 65 inches.

Dancakes Pancake Art Kits

Yes, you read that correctly. With these kits, home cooks can make pancakes in any color and style they dream up.

The Dancakes art griddle offers an electric, even heating element when drawing with pancake batter, a draw/cook temperature gauge and a special, easy-to-clean Dantanium coating. Dancakes’ special bottles are designed for the best feel and control when drawing with pancake batter.
The Dancakes Art Handbook provides expert tips on creating pancake art from experts, so novices can start with simple designs and work their way up to Van Gogh–like masterpieces. Dancake art tutorials featuring popular designs are viewable on YouTube.

At CE Week, attendees’ creativity was on full display as they grilled up pancakes shaped as emojis, cartoon characters, logos, portraits, pets and more.  Soon, pancake artists will be able to stabilize, harden and frame their “artwork.” Stay tuned!


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