SUMMIT 2023: MAY 1–4, 2023


Just wanted to say thank you for hosting another great Broadband Summit. You did a fantastic job!

Gail Corder

National Ancillary Services Manager, Fairfield Residential

"I'm so excited to be attending the Broadband Communities Summit. I'm gaining insight on the transformational broadband build that's being built in the coming months."

Steve Williams

Mayor, Huntington, W.Va.

"Kudos for organizing one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Let's do this again next year!"

Kim McKinley

Chief Marketing Officer, Utopia Fiber

"I had many conversations with subject matter experts representing the largest broadband companies and some of the smallest rural providers. I was blown away by the amazing conversations people were willing to have with me, an outsider."

William Aderholdt, Ph.D.

Director, Program Management Office, Grand Farm

"The Multifamily program at Broadband Communities has proven year after year to be the best event in our industry to learn more about applications of new technologies as well as networking with our peers and customers and celebrating the many success stories of so many of the broadband providers in our market."

Bryan Rader

President of MDU, Pavlov Media

"BBC Summit 2022 was AWESOME! I have pages and pages of notes and long lists of action items."

Pete Hoffswell

Broadband Services Manager, Holland (Mich.) Board of Public Works

"There are few conferences that focus so intently on multifamily technology and attract some of the most knowledgeable and influential minds in the industry. It is a fabulous format to network with peers, gain new insights into technological advances and get a glimpse of what's to come. It is a must attend event."

Steve Sadler

Director, Resident Technology Services, Real Page, Inc.

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