Introducing the 2019 MDU Chairmen,
Property Owner Advisory Panel

Expanded Multi-Housing Program

An Agenda Developed by Industry Leaders



MDUs – multiple dwelling unit buildings – have been hot and are getting even hotter.

Construction of MDUs has led the housing recovery since 2010. About half of all new housing units are in multiple dwelling unit buildings – some 600,000 a year. This is a historic high both in absolute numbers and as a percent of all new housing, which is now double the post-World War II average. All MDU segments are strong – residential, student housing, senior living, hospitality – and our committee has begun assembling an incredible new program to help owners, managers, investors and permitting officials with what they need. We have new network technologies, new needs for cellular connections, new business cases. As always, we’re unbiased. We provide clear, actionable detail in plain English, all the time. Join us and over 1,000 of your colleagues in Austin!

April 8-11, 2019

Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas

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Who's attending our Summit events? Should you be making plans?

  Consultant, Contractor 10%
  Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor 17%
  Government/Legal 12%
  System Installer, Service Provider 8%
  Financial Advisor, Institution, Investor 3%
  Systems Operator*
*Includes Telcos - Private, CLEC, ILEC, Cable Operators, Wireless Broadband Operators, Property Managers, Developers, Owners, REITs, University, College,

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