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Multifamily Track Digital Infrastructure Investment
Editor’s Choice Track CLIC Program
Economic Development Track Break
Rural Broadband Track

September 22-24, 2020

Virtual on the vFair platform

Summit 2020 ~ We’re Going Virtual!
September 22-24, 2020

NOTICE: Please beware of shameless scammers sending fake emails stating that Broadband Communities Summit 2020 has been postponed and offering to sell you the list of registered participants. THE ONLY WAY TO GET OUR REGISTRANTS’ NAMES IS FROM US.


Tuesday, September 22

10:00am – 10:10am Official Welcome and Introduction

   Barbara DeGarmo
CEO, Broadband Communities 
10:20am – 11:10am GENERAL SESSION
Hear, here! Our Experts Get Us Up to Speed on Broadband Matters

  Jim BallerPresident, Baller Stokes & Lide, PC

   Nicol Turner-LeeFellow, Governance Studies, Center for Technology Innovation, Brookings Institution

   Jon SalletSenior Fellow, Benton Institute for Broadband and Society
   Dr. Christopher Ali, PhDAssistant Professor, Department of Media Studies, University of Virginia

   Lev GonickChief Information Officer, Arizona State University
The Multifamily Program is Presented in Partnership with the NMHC

CLIC Super Session On Partnerships: Broadband Partnerships and Federal and State Incentives: A Force Multiplier

11:20am – 3:00pm
Digital Infrastructure Investment for the 2020s
A Broadband Breakfast Mini-Conference at the Broadband Communities Summit
11:20am – 12:15pm GENERAL SESSION
Great Communities

Stunning examples of living the vida broadband in high-speed connected communities.

   Stephen MayoPresident, Inteleconnect

   Sid NurkinFormer President, Cullasaja HOA
   Ryan SherbyBusiness Development, BalsamWest

Ten Thousand by Crescent Heights
   Terry KoosedPresident, Bel Air Internet

Assembly Yards
   Eric PinckneyProject Executive, Commercial Real Estate, Integral
Session 1: Models for Successful Public-Private and Public-Public Partnerships
11:20am – 12:15pm

Broadband partnership is an idea whose time has come. All across the country, there are localities, states, and companies working together innovatively to solve broadband challenges in win-win ways. This includes public-private, public-public, and private-private partnerships of many kinds. In this session, we will explore a range of different models for partnerships, based on practical experience, and learn how to develop the partnership that best meets your community’s needs.

   Jim BallerPresident, CLIC

   Dorothy BaunachCEO, DigitalC, Cleveland Ohio
   Michele KohlerBusiness Development Manager/Network Investment, FACEBOOK, Seattle, WA
   Scott ShapiroConsultant to MetroNet, Former Innovations Officer, Lexington, KY
Brad MolinePresident, Allo Communications

11:20 am – 1:30 pm
Welcome, Introduction and Framing Remarks: What is Digital Infrastructure Investment?

   Drew ClarkEditor and Publisher, Broadband Breakfast

Topic 1: Last Mile Digital Infrastructure

Ownership models are evolving. Who will play the lead role in constructing? What entities, including cities, will own digital assets? Who will manage the networks?

   Christopher MitchellDirector, Community Broadband Networks, Institute for Local Self Reliance

   Roger TimmermanCEO, UTOPIA Fiber
   Monica WebbHead of Market Development & Strategic Partnerships, Ting Internet

Industry Keynote Address: The Vision for Digital Infrastructure Investment

   Greg MeschCEO, CityFibre

1:40pm – 2:50pm
Topic 2: Infrastructure Investment Funds
Infrastructure financing is available for broadband. Will it dwindle or accelerate with the coronavirus pandemic? What is the experience on institutional investors?

   Jase WilsonFounder & Vice President of Growth,

   Ben Bawtree-JobsonCEO, SiFi Networks
   Matteo AndreolettiHead of Infrastructure Equity, Europe and North America, Smart City Infrastructure Fund
   Chris PerlitzManaging Director, Municipal Capital Markets Group, Inc.

Sponsored Presentation / Interactive Interlude

3:00pm – 4:30pm
Topic 3: Federal Funds and Opportunity Zones
The FCC is making $20.4 billion available for rural broadband. The U.S. Treasury’s Opportunity Zones help urban projects. Can these funds make a difference?

   Drew ClarkEditor and Publisher, Broadband Breakfast

   Blair LevinFormer Executive Director, National Broadband Plan
   Graham RichardFormer Mayor, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Sponsored Presentation

Topic 4: Shared Infrastructure and Small Cell Deployments
Cellular towers were once proprietary, before carriers partnered with infrastructure owners. Will shared infrastructure also take over small cells and 5G?

   Drew ClarkEditor and Publisher, Broadband Breakfast

   Dean BubleyFounder, Disruptive Analysis
   Oliver PilcoWireless Infrastructure & Real Estate Investments, View Capital Advisors, LLC

Sponsored Presentation

Interactive Wrap-up and Conclusion

12:15pm – 1:00pm Break
1:00pm – 2:35pm GENERAL SESSION
Telecom Town Hall

Last fall’s NMHC OPTECH Town Hall was a great success, providing a fast-paced and interactive scan of the world of telecom. Continuing the conversation, NMHC is bringing the Town Hall to the Broadband Communities Summit. It will include an update on recent policy actions in Washington, DC, as well as the latest offerings from telecom providers, and will get you up to speed fast and prepare you for the rest of the Summit's MDU content. Hear from the people in the know on the hottest telecom topics, including how the pandemic has shifted resources plus the need for always-on connectivity. Come get the information you need to make your 2020 and 2021 telecom plans. 

   Gail CorderNational Ancillary Services Manager, Fairfield Residential
   Kevin DonnellyVice President, Government Affairs, NMHC

Regulatory Update From Washington

   Kevin DonnellyVice President, Government Affairs, NMHC

   Matt AmesAttorney, Hubacher, Ames & Taylor
Session 2: Identifying and Selecting your Partner
1:00pm – 2:00pm

One of the critical elements of a partnership strategy is a process to identify and select the right partners. This session will answer such questions as: How should you go about this? What kinds of process can help to identify companies that will work with you to meet your goals? And what kinds of characteristics should you seek – or avoid?

   Catharine RiceProject Director, CLIC

   Monica WebbDirector of Market Development, Ting Internet, Ontario, CN
   Ben MoncriefSr. VP – Strategic Relations, C-Spire
  David FinnDirector of Corporate Development, Google Fiber, Seattle, WA
  Bryon HornChief Information Officer, Information Services Department, City of Fresno, California
  Telecom Provider Update #1 on COVID’s Impact, Innovation & Speed

A look at providers' ways of grappling with COVID's impact on multifamily owners and residents who have found their homes turned into round-the-clock offices, schools and entertainment hubs. 

  Linda WilleyDirector of Ancillary Services, Camden

   Melissa MoralesVice President of Operations, Boingo Wireless

   Matt WoottonGeneral Manager – ACC, AT&T
   Katelyn BuckleyDirector of MDU Sales, Verizon Enhanced Communities

Trends in 21st Century Telecom

A lightning-round preview of the many exciting new trends that will be covered more extensively at the Summit. 

  Steve SadlerDirector, Multifamily Development, RealPage, Inc.

   Tom StenderPresident, InfiniSys

   Henry PyeVice President, Residential Technology Services, RealPage, Inc.
   Ian DavisTelecommunications Attorney: Founding Partner, Davis Craig, PLLC
Session 3: Broadband P3s and Federal and State Incentives: A Force Multiplier
2:00pm – 3:00pm

New sources of state and federal broadband funding also create new opportunities for public/private and other partnerships. For example, a community can collaborate with a private broadband ISP to apply for state and federal grant funds, enabling the community to share with the state and federal governments – and the private sector – the considerable cost of solving its broadband challenges. The current environment of new, robust broadband funding creates new opportunity for such collaboration in a range of communities. In this session, some of the architects of successful partnerships will share their strategies, lessons learned, and guidance for other communities.

   Joanne HovisCEO, CLIC

   Kenrick GordonDirector, Governor’s Office of Rural Broadband, State of Maryland
   Charlotte BewersdorffVice President, Community Engagement, MERIT Network
   Lisa YoungersExecutive Director, Fiber Broadband Association
   Darrell MaynardCEO, Eastern Telephone & Technologies
  Telecom Provider Update #2 on Future Proofing & COVID’s Impact

A look at the takeaways of COVID's lessons when it comes to future proofing properties.

  Cheryl JordanSr. Director Telecommunications, Operations & Investment Services, AvalonBay Communities, Inc.

   Vickie RodgersVice President, MDU & New Build Strategy and Operations, Cox Communications

   Dave SpenceSenior Director, XFINITY Communities
   Sarah JordanDirector Consumer Sales, CenturyLink
   Chris PittsDirector MDU Sales Operations, Spectrum Community Solutions

A Look Ahead to OPTECH

  Racquel MadlalaAssistant Director of Communications and Marketing, NMHC

Telecom Provider Update #3 on Disruption in Telecom & COVID’s Role

Even in the pre-COVID world, the "disruptive" providers – smaller, independent and wireless providers – were increasingly key to helping families, especially in rural and low-income communities, gain access to the internet. Here's a look at how disrupters have responded to the added challenge of the pandemic.
  Julianne GoodfellowSenior Director, Government Affairs, NMHC

   Virginia Lam AbramsSr. Vice President, External Affairs and Strategic Advancement, Starry

   Erik Spring – Senior Director, Multifamily, WaveG
   Dan TerheggenCEO, Consolidated Smart Systems

   Gail CorderNational Ancillary Services Manager, Fairfield Residential
2:40pm – 3:30pm

The Pandemic Tech and Telecom Accelerator

The pandemic of 2020 has been called the coronavirus technology accelerator for its role in speeding the deployment of existing technology trends like videoconferencing among remote workers. But it also accelerated a number of existing tech and telecom trends at apartment communities, like the move toward self-service apartments. While many changes were specifically for crisis management and will likely fade when we reach the “new normal,” some have shown real value and will likely remain in a post-pandemic world. Pre-pandemic advances in smart home automation, virtual tours and mobile technologies all hold promise to help the industry during the pandemic and beyond. Speakers from NMHC will assess the phases of the pandemic crisis and how technology and telecom may lead to permanent changes in the way we build and manage apartment communities.

   Rick HaugheyVice President, Industry Technology Initiatives, NMHC
   Sarah YaussiVice President, Business Strategy, NMHC

3:40pm – 4:30pm GENERAL SESSION
Roadmap to Creating a Gigabit City

City Utilities of Springfield, Mo., has laid the foundation for residents and businesses to truly benefit from living in a gigabit city. With an investment of $120 million, 113,000 households will be connected to high-speed broadband services through the selection and lease of excess fiber to qualified internet service providers. Project leaders whose forward-thinking collaboration across planning, design, engineering and construction significantly raised the potential of success will be on hand to give specifics and to answer questions so you can follow their path to your own gigabit community.

   Heather Burnett Gold CEO, HBG Strategies

  Jeff BertholdiDirector, SpringNet

  Patrick ThibeaultCTO & Sr. Vice President, The Broadband Group
  Sam PrattCEO, Render Networks
  Matt BrungardtPrincipal, BHC Rhodes
  Paul SuliszCEO, Biarri Networks

Wednesday, September 23

10:00am – 10:50am Supporting Infrastructure
A discussion with some of the major providers of high-speed Internet and video services on how owners/developers can better prepare their properties for 21st century telecom/data services. Topics include services being delivered, what infrastructure they require, and what owners need to know and prepare for, all looked at through the lens of both retail and bulk services.

   Tom Stender President, InfiniSys

  Michael ManciniDirector, Sales Engineering, XFINITY Communities

  Jeff JohnsonDirector of Consumer Sales, CenturyLink
   Eric SmallVice President, AT&T Fiber Build
   Jeff McElhineyStudent Housing Technology Manager, Peak Campus
Regional and State Broadband Initiatives
Many states have taken action to speed deployment of broadband to unserved and underserved communities through programs that include financial incentives, legislative initiatives, partnerships with utilities, and other creative tools. This panel will include experts from the field reporting on the successes (and the challenges) of these state programs.

   Elin Katz Managing Director, Utilities & Associate General Counsel, Tilson Technology Management

State Panelists:
  Anna ReadOfficer, Broadband Research Initiative, The Pew Charitable Trusts

  Ben BlinkPolicy Advisor, Transportation & Technology Innovation, Office of Governor Doug Ducey, State of Arizona

Regional Panelists:
  Jory WolfVice President of Digital Innovation, Magellan Advisors

  John LearyInformation Technology Manager, Westfield Gas + Electric
Future View: The Next Wave of Fiber/5G Applications to Make Your Jaw Drop
While fiber networks prepare to handle more streaming, gaming, telehealth, and other exciting applications, developers and providers are working hard to unveil the next wave of future applications that will revolutionize just about every internet-enabled device, especially mobile. And who better to reveal what’s being developed than a senior solutions architect at Amazon Web Services? Get ahead of the curve at this fascinating, future-focused conversation.

   Bob Knight Executive Vice President & COO, Harrison Edwards

  Jonathan SolomonSr. Partner Solutions Architect, Telecommunicators, Media & Entertainment, Amazon Web Services
11:00am – 11:50am Smart Apartment / IoT
A discussion on implementing smart apartment and IoT solutions from the basics of self-managed solutions to more extensive third party managed solutions and covering a wide variety of Internet connected devices both in the unit and throughout the building.

   Henry Pye Vice President, Residential Technology Services, RealPage, Inc.

   Mitch Karren Chief Product Officer, SmartRent
   Ryan Buchert CTO, STRATIS IoT, Inc. & BuLogics, Inc.
Transforming Telehealth
The COVID-19 crisis has caused telehealth visits to skyrocket over the past 6 months. It is no longer enough for telehealth networks to connect hospitals and clinics – consumers need telehealth connections at home as well. This raises the question whether our nation's telehealth networks are capable of handling this extraordinary surge in demand. President Trump issued an Executive Order on August 3 directing the government to improve the physical telehealth networks to address rural Americans' health needs during this crisis. These panelists will discuss how they are using broadband networks to implement successful remote and interactive healthcare solutions and what measures the government should take to promote telemedicine in both urban and rural markets.

   John Windhausen Executive Director, Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition

   Dr. Robert Wack, MD Chief Medical Information Officer, Medical Director, Continuum of Care, Frederick (MD) Health; City Council President, Westminster, MD
   Matt McCullough Associate Director, Utah Education & Telehealth Network

   Roberta Levy Schwartz, Ph.D., FACHE Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Houston Methodist Hospital

Connecting the Middle Mile & Last Mile
The interconnect between middle mile and last mile networks has become increasingly important in recent years, as last mile networks expand into rural America. Come review progress as the panel provide examples and optimal strategies for the middle mile – last mile interconnect.

   Essam El-Beik Consultant, Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology

   Mark Wagner CEO, ThinkBig Networks
   Dennis Kyle Sr. VP, Zayo
   Greg GreenCEO, Fatbeam
12:00pm – 12:50pm Cornerstone Awards Luncheon
Sponsored by Verizon

Insights from a Tech Disruptor

   Ted MaulucciPresident, SmartOne Solutions
12:50pm – 1:45pm Break
1:45pm – 2:35pm Managed Wi-Fi
What exactly is managed Wi-Fi? How is it deployed in both a retail and bulk environment? How does it benefit both residents and owners? Have questions? Our experts reveal the answers.

   Steve Sadler Director, Multifamily Development, RealPage, Inc.

   Matt Paschick Principal, National WiFi
   Sandy Jack – Director CRE/MDU, Ruckus/CommScope

   Melissa Morales VP of Operations, Boingo Wireless
   Allen Cory White CTO, WhiteSky
   Richard Sherwin CEO, Spot On Networks, LLC
The Great Reset: Community-Based Ecosystems in the COVID-19 Era
We’ve known that work was changing - but none of us knew how quickly it could transform. In this era of “The Great Reset,” how can broadband-fueled community ecosystems help ensure that there will continue to be widespread access to meaningful, well-paid work? Has the workplace transformed forever? Can rural and urban communities become hubs for remote work? And how can entrepreneurship change the game? In this interactive session, three experts on the changing nature of work and communities will offer insights into programs that are working today to help ensure communities can continue to thrive.

   Deb Socia President & CEO, The Enterprise Center

   Gary Bolles Chair for the Future of Work, Singularity University
   Matt Dunne Founder and Executive Director, Center on Rural Innovation
Better Broadband Mapping for Rural America
Much of the recent legislative focus on broadband mapping at the FCC and on Capitol Hill has been driven by concerns from constituents in rural areas who are considered "covered," when they are in fact living in a broadband desert. This session will consider recent controversies in broadband mapping, discuss the FCC’s Digital Opportunity Data Collection Report, and examine what particular communities are doing to map out broadband.

   Drew Clark Editor and Publisher, Broadband Breakfast

   Jack Lynch Director of State Engagements, Education SuperHighway
   Glenn Fishbine Chief Technology Officer, GEO Partners, LLC
2:45pm – 3:35pm MDU Legal Leaders
2:45pm – 4:15pm
The top lawyers representing both MDU owners and providers will engage one another in spirited debate on both sides of key industry issues.

  Linda WilleyDirector of Ancillary Services, Camden

   Sue Weiske Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Charter Communications
   Ian Davis Telecommunications Attorney: Founding Partner, Davis Craig, PLLC

   Art Hubacher Managing Member, Hubacher Ames and Taylor, PLLC
   Dan Glivar Partner, Holland and Hart LLP
   Jarius Treadway Senior Attorney, CenturyLink
   Gregory Remus Attorney, Verizon Enhanced Communities
   Lauren Brown Assistant General Counsel, Comcast Cable
More Muni Broadband Unfamiliar Success Stories
This panel features municipal fiber networks that arrived at the retail-service-model using different methods and assets. Some were incremental, some had other muni utilities, and they used different strategies with contracted help. We'll talk about what worked, what didn't, and why these networks have been important and valuable investments for their communities.

   Christopher Mitchell Director, Community Broadband Networks, Institute for Local Self-Reliance

   David Williams Technology Services Director, Ponca City, OK
   Carole Monroe Chair of the Board, Community Outreach, ValleyNet, Inc.

   Dwight W. Thomas, Jr. Director, Broadband & IT Services, City of Mont Belvieu-MB Link Broadband

   Nathan Watkins City Manager, City of Mont Belvieu
Rural Success Stories
What kind of a difference does broadband make when deployed in rural America? This session will explore numerous "success stories," and will examine what these rural communities have been able to do with their improved broadband. Come learn from them what you can do to enhance broadband adoption in your community.

   Bill Gerski Senior Vice President, Business Development, Tri-Co Connections

   Paul Breakman Vice President, Cooperative Business Solutions, Business & Technology Strategies, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

   Joseph Franell President, Blue Mountain Networks & Eastern Oregon Telecom

Thursday, September 24   

10:00am – 10:50am How MDU Owners and Service Providers Can Work With Consultants
A growing proportion of business is conducted with a consultant or advisor representing the MDU. There are many new consulting groups in our market today, and they are attracting apartment owners and condos to have them manage their decision making. The question is, how can providers and MDU owners work effectively with consultants? How are they helping the industry? How can we win more share of this business? What are expectations, due diligence requirements, engineering needs, etc. to win these opportunities?

   Bryan Rader President, Upstream Network

   Leo Delgado President, Converged Services, Inc.
   Ken Crawford CEO, MDU Consulting Group, LLC.

   Dick Price CEO, Broadband Planning

   Dean Wolfe Vice President of Technology and Vendor Relations, Choice Property Resources, Inc.
The ‘Sausage Making’ of Fiber Financing – How it Really Works
Consultants often say finding financing is the hardest step for any fiber project. Our panelists have made it through the financing process and are ready to share the stuff they went through in the “sausage making” process – including partnerships, property taxes and a mix of methods used to finance a coalition of multiple municipalities.

   Doug Dawson President, CCG Consulting

   Chris Townson CEO, DTC, Tennessee
   Ben Fineman President & Co-Founder, Michigan Broadband Cooperative

   Leslie Nulty CFO, Mansfield Community Fiber, Inc.
Build Your Network as an Open and Automated Platform for Future Providers, Services and Revenue
Fast internet is just one of a multitude of services that can be delivered on your fiber infrastructure. By building your network from the start with the ability to virtually slice every fiber for specific services and for specific providers – while also being able to price those slices separately – it will be possible to deliver all the services of the future on one shared infrastructure. Yes, this introduces a whole new level of complexity. And, yes, automation is crucial. But it is already being done today, and we’ll show you how!

   Isak Finer Chief Marketing Officer, COS Systems

   Mircea Ciocan Business Development Manager, Nokia
   Anthony Bednarczyk Broadband Practice Leader, Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.

   Chris Walker Telecommunications Director, NoaNet

   Jerrald Rector Vice President, A2D
11:00am – 11:50am Bulk 101 for New Builds and Existing Community Conversions
An insight into bulk agreements: information on benefits and challenges, operational considerations such as billing, how to convert an existing community with choice, and marketing.

   Linda Willey Director of Ancillary Services, Camden

   Josh Lunsford Director of Strategy, Multi-Family & New Build, Cox Communities
   Dave SpenceSenior Director, XFINITY Communities

   Lynn DodsonVice President, Sales, Spectrum Community Solutions
Who Will Connect America’s Broadband?
In this session, attendees will hear about the unique role that electric utilities will play in connecting consumers to broadband, particularly in those areas where incumbents do not believe their investments would be justified. This includes both rural communities and municipalities who are striving to ensure that their citizens are afforded the same level of internet services as their urban/suburban peers. We will review some of the challenges and some of the unique opportunities afforded by already possessing a wire to every premise.

   Heather Gold President & CEO, HBG Strategies

   Matt Sayre Managing Director, Onward Eugene
   Hank Blackwood Chief Technology Services Officer, Dalton Utilities

   Phil Sharps Manager, Technical Services, Clarksville Connected Utilities

   Sheryl Riggs CEO, Utilities Technology Council
Workshop: Zero Touch Provisioning of True Open Access Networks
COS Systems has been automating service provisioning on fiber networks in Europe since 2008. In this workshop you will get to experience how this works and meet the engineers who made it possible. COS Systems is now introducing this functionality in North America in partnership with Nokia and you will also learn about their end-to-end electronics platform and architecture strategies for automated networks open to multiple service providers.

   Isak Finer Chief Marketing Officer, COS Systems
   Scott Lemke Solutions Architect, Nokia

   Mircea Ciocan Direct of Business Development, Nokia
11:50am – 12:30pm Break
12:30pm – 1:20pm 5G: What it Means to Us
5G is still such a great unknown. Come hear from high level presenters on what to expect and how to prepare.

   Mike Smith President, White Space Building Technology Advisors

   Richard Sherwin CEO, Spot On Networks, LLC

   Eric Fichtner COO, Symphony Technologies
   Mike Weston Executive Director, Verizon Enhanced Communities
   Mike Bonewitz Chief Technology Officer, GigaMonster
   Lewis Roberts Executive Director Product Strategy & Architecture, Cox Communications, Inc.
Key Legal Issues Affecting Community Broadband Initiatives
Our community broadband legal experts will provide an update and overview of the key legal and regulatory issues affecting community broadband projects, including the latest developments at Congress, the FCC, and in the states, federal broadband program compliance matters, practical issues involving the network owner and service provider relationship, and access to rights-of-way and poles by broadband providers. The session will conclude with an interactive discussion, with attendees invited to ask additional questions and share information with fellow participants.

   Sean Stokes Principal, Baller Stokes & Lide, PC

   Casey Lide Principal, Baller Stokes & Lide, PC
   Nancy Werner General Counsel, National Association of Telecommunications Officers & Advisors
Marketing and Community Outreach: 30 Ideas in 30 Minutes
Marketing matters and you'll get great advice from two of the savviest people in the broadband industry. They'll be dishing out practical, real-world suggestions for those starting and running fiber-broadband networks.

   Bob Knight Executive Vice President & COO, Harrison Edwards

   Kim McKinley Chief Marketing Officer, Utopia Fiber
1:30pm – 2:20pm Sustainability, Building Management Systems
Interested in operation savings your owners will really care about? Then get interested in – and informed about – building management systems. When it comes to managing a property for efficiency, comfort and longevity, a BMS works for multifamily as well as commercial buildings. Come find out more about these systems – and if one will work for you.

   Mary Nitschke Vice President of Sustainability, RealPage

   Abhay Ambati Senior VP of Technology Services, Logical Buildings

   James Walton Vice President of Technology, ENTOUCH

Apps for Rural America: Putting Better Broadband to Better Uses
Broadband matters not because of the "feeds and speeds," but because of the uses to which it is put. These include telehealth, education, senior connected living and telecommuting. What do these apps mean for rural America? Do they work? Are there legislative, policy or business insurance hurdles to overcome as they are used more and more in rural areas? These are just a few of the questions, come hear the answers.

   Drew Clark Editor and Publisher, Broadband Breakfast

   Eric Ogle General Manager, Trilight

   Virgil Turner Regional Broadband Project Director,Region 10 League for Economic Assistance & Planning, Inc., City of Montrose, CO
   Greg Laudeman, Ed.D. Executive Officer and Founder, Eduity, LLC; Senior Consultant, Magellan Advisors, LLC

FTTP vs. Fixed Wireless vs. Hybrid Fiber/Fixed Wireless 
Sponsored by FINLEY Engineering

There's more than one way to get connected, and if you're looking for advice on what's the best way for your community, this is the place. Straight from the front lines of getting us connected, our panelists weigh the pros of the technologies they champion and note the cons of the rest – all moderated by a researcher who's been conducting consumer broadband surveys for years and can share what users say.

  Michael RenderFounder, RVA LLC

  Nathan StookeCEO, Wisper Internet; Chairmen of the Board, WISPA

  Michael McGannonVice President, Wireless Engineering, Engineering Associates, LLC
   Carroll FaulknerPresident and CEO, Digital Fields
   Brett GlassOwner and Founder, Lariat

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