Editor's Choice Track

Wednesday, August 12

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Build Your Network as an Open and Automated Platform for Future Providers, Services and Revenue

Fast internet is just one of a multitude of services that can be delivered on your fiber infrastructure. By building your network from the start with the ability to virtually slice every fiber for specific services and for specific providers – while also being able to price those slices separately – it will be possible to deliver all the services of the future on one shared infrastructure. Yes, this introduces a whole new level of complexity. And, yes, automation is crucial. But it is already being done today, and we’ll show you how!


Isak Finer – Chief Marketing Officer, COS Systems

Mircea Ciocan – Business Development Manager, Nokia
Rob Worden – Executive Engagement Leader, Smart Cities & IoT, Fujitsu
Chris Walker – Telecommunications Director, NoaNet

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Workshop: Zero Touch Provisioning of True Open Access Networks

COS Systems have been automating service provisioning on fiber networks in Europe since 2008. In this workshop you will get to experience how this works and meet the engineers who made it possible. COS Systems is now introducing this functionality in North America in partnership with Nokia and you will also learn about their end-to-end electronics platform and architecture strategies for automated networks open to multiple service providers.


Isak Finer – Chief Marketing Officer, COS Systems
Scott Lemke – Solutions Architect, Nokia
Mircea Ciocan – Direct of Business Development, Nokia


Thursday, August 13

8:00 am – 9:00 am

Show and Tell: Innovative Vendors Strut Their Stuff


Sean Buckley – Associate Editor, Broadband Communities

Ryan E. Guerra, PHD – Founder & CEO, Skylark Wireless
Mike Roddy – Co-Founder, CEO, NuTEQ Solutions

9:10 am – 10:00 am

Marketing and Community Outreach: 30 Ideas in 30 Minutes

Marketing matters and you'll get great advice from two of the savviest people in the broadband industry. They'll be dishing out practical, real-world suggestions for those starting and running fiber-broadband networks.


Bob Knight – Executive Vice President & COO, Harrison Edwards

Kim McKinley – Chief Marketing Officer, Utopia Fiber

10:10 am – 11:00 am

Game-Changing Innovations: Managing 5G and Telecom Building in Congested Urban Areas

Take a look at some of the latest techniques to get you connected easier – and cheaper!


Dan Urban – COO, Corbel Communications Industries, LLC

Joe Page – Vice President, QUBE-MRS, LLC
Ed Christmas – Founder & Managing Principal, Sology Solutions
Beni Blel – VP of Business Development, Hexatronic
Rich Hillyer – Chief Product Officer-Utilities and Jurisdictions, QUBE-MRS, LLC.

11:10 am – 12:00 pm

The Role of Fiber to the Home in Smart City Initiatives

Come hear panelists directly involved in various smart city initiatives around the U.S. discuss the role that FTTH and other broadband plays in those initiatives. They will discuss where the presence of robust broadband has enabled and facilitated a smart city initiative, and where its absence has held one or more back.


Sean Buckley – Associate Editor, Broadband Communities

Scott Bradshaw – President, SiFi Networks
John Lester – General Manager, Clarksville Connected Utilities
Rollie Cole – Co-Founder, Wholesale Economic Development

September 22-24, 2020

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