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AFL Awarded Four New Patents

AFL, an international manufacturer of fiber optic cable, equipment and accessories, was awarded four new patents over the past quarter for technology and product developments in optical connectivity and apparatus (OCA) and fusion splicing technologies.

AFL’s OCA division received two patents. The first patent, developed by a team of five AFL associates, was for a network interface device with two base configurations that accepts several types of connectors and allows eight splices. The second patent was developed by a team of three AFL associates for the IDEAA Mini Interior Distribution Cabinet (Mini IDC). The Mini IDC provides a convenient, extremely compact modular approach to centralized fiber distribution in small MDUs.

AFL’s fusion splicing division also received two patents. The first patent was for a method to utilize specialty splicers to manufacture different types of fiber lens structures. These lenses are used in many applications, including medical, diode laser and detector coupling – generally, any time light needs to be coupled to or from a fiber, this method may be useful. The second patent was for a method and apparatus for performing interrelation profile analysis (IPA). This method rotates an optical fiber that has an internal structure such as PM fiber. Images are taken as the fiber rotates, and these images have unique events that are typically 90° or 180° apart. By finding these unique images, it is possible to align the fibers using a profile view of the fiber to a very high level of accuracy. The major advantage is that customers are able to align very exotic fibers with a high level of consistency.

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Clearfield Launches New FieldSmart Fiber Active Cabinets

Fiber-optimized outdoor cabinets meet rigorous demands to accommodate integration of any active component

Clearfield Inc. (NASDAQ:CLFD), the specialist in fiber management for communication service providers, announced the new FieldSmart Fiber Active Cabinet (FAC) product line for outdoor enclosures – expanding its impressive portfolio of active and passive enclosures. Blending fiber optimization with capacity for any active components in a Telcordia GR-487 tested outdoor enclosure, Clearfield is positioned to address emerging applications, such as Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC), that require low-latency fiber connections at the edge of the network in a secure location.

“Current and future broadband technologies require active equipment be placed deeper in the network. These same technologies require that fiber be placed right there alongside them to quickly transport and backhaul content with the lowest latency possible,” said Johnny Hill, Clearfield’s chief operating officer. “Our customers are expanding their fiber networks, preparing to meet the insatiable bandwidth demands from new technologies like 5G and the internet of things (IoT). Having one partner that’s able to work with them on any deployment is a benefit.”

“Over the last few decades, cabinets once thought to provide extensive services became obsolete or unusable as supplier technologies advanced, leaving customers with stranded investment,” said Brent Stucker, co-owner of Datacom Solutions. “With the FieldSmart Fiber Active Cabinet universal approach, service providers not only get cost-effective and proven deployment capabilities but also position themselves to prepare for the unforeseen needs of
the future.”

The FieldSmart Fiber Active Cabinet (FAC) is designed for modularity and flexibility, while maintaining a maximum cooling capability for the active electronics investment. Designed, tested and certified to meet Telcordia GR-487, the FAC is the ideal outdoor cabinet solution for the harshest outdoor conditions, providing a sealed internal environment where external air and humidity are completely isolated from the electronic equipment. The FieldSmart FAC product line includes the following elements.

  • FieldSmart FAC 400 features a 19” vertical frame, accommodating up to 4RU of active electronics and 192 internal fiber distribution ports for deployment.
  • FieldSmart FAC 900 features a 19” vertical frame that can accommodate up to 9RU of active electronics and up to 576 internal fiber distribution ports for deployment.
  • FieldSmart FAC 3200 features two front and rear 16RU 23” frames that can accommodate up to 32RU of active electronics while providing up to 432 internal fiber distribution ports for deployments.
  • FieldSmart FAC 5400 features two swing frame front and rear 27RU 23” frames that can accommodate up to 54RU of active electronics and provides up to 960 internal fiber distribution ports for deployments.

All four FieldSmart Fiber Active Cabinet additions are designed to accommodate the variety of standard options expected in remote cabinets, such as the rectifier system, battery warmers and field upgradeable fiber bulkheads. More information can be found in the associated data sheets at

EPB to Offer Broadband Solutions to Help Communities Compete and Thrive

Representatives from EPB Broadband Solutions of Chattanooga will be on hand to offer their expertise and resources in support of current and aspiring fiber optic service providers at the Fiber Broadband Association’s 2019 Fiber Connect event, June 3–5 in Orlando, Florida.

After successfully launching America’s first communitywide, gigabit-speed fiber optic network and then bumping the top speed up to 10 gigabits per second as a standard offer, EPB offers solutions and services designed to help other companies deploy fiber optics and grow their customer bases while reducing financial risk (including capital costs) and accelerating time to market.

“As a company that puts our customers and community first, we want to see other utilities solve the broadband gap for their areas,” said Joey Greer, manager of wholesale new products for EPB. “We are always happy to put our experience and success to work to assist other communities so that they can compete and thrive.”

The EPB Fiber Broadband Solutions can assist you in launching and maintaining a fiber broadband network with solutions that include 24/7/365 technical and customer support, direct internet access, video transport, dispatch and network monitoring.

“Community-based fiber optic networks open countless doors for improving economic growth, health care and education,” said Katie Espeseth, EPB’s vice president of new products and vice chairman/chair-elect of the Fiber Broadband Association. “Our goal is to help aspiring fiber providers create leading products and services for their communities.”

EPB representatives will be available at booth # 1022 at the 2019 Fiber Connect event in Orlando’s Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center.


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