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Editor's Note: A Tale of Two Nations

A special section on rural broadband will help you prepare for the Broadband Communities Summit.

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Bandwidth Hawk: Rural Broadband: Dividing The Spoils

Do you hope to serve a rural area that already has some broadband service?  Work around it. Literally.

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Boring Isn't Bad

Independent providers shouldn’t aim for being a little bit better. They should understand owners’ problems and solve them.

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The Future of Connected MDUs Starts Today

Smart properties satisfy residents, reduce expenses and increase revenues – but they require robust networks.

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Broadband Strategy and Doughnuts

When you can’t fund a communitywide network, your best strategy may be funding today’s best-served areas.

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Looking Ahead: Broadband in 2019

Fiber, cable and wireless providers, along with electric cooperatives, have big plans for broadband in 2019.

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New Funding For Rural Broadband

The passage of the Agricultural Improvement Act and the opening of a funding window for the ReConnect program will help narrow the rural digital divide.

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Buy Local (Including Broadband)

Providing broadband locally – with help from electric utilities – can be a good way to anchor rural economies.

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Building a Community Vision

The technology challenge for a rural community is closing the gap between the digital infrastructure that is profitable for commercial providers but serves only part of the community and the infrastructure necessary to serve all community members. Local leaders, driven by a clear, aspirational vision of their community’s future, can proactively address this gap.

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Social Return Accounting

Researchers at an Australian university propose a new way to measure the social benefits of broadband.

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Q&A With Lisa Youngers, President and CEO, Fiber Broadband Association: Advocating for Fiber Broadband

Why every 5G discussion turns to fiber infrastructure: The new head of the Fiber Broadband Association shares her vision of the industry.

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Smart Planning for Smart Cities

Before adopting smart-city technologies, communities should make sure they have processes in place to ensure the success of their projects. American Planning Association research identifies best practices in this emerging field.

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Value Engineering Adds Efficiencies For Huntsville Utilities

As electric utilities consider fiber network plays, well-thought-out designs will be key to their success. Here’s how Huntsville Utilities used value engineering to control fiber network construction costs and hone its plan.

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Technology Strategies for Municipal Fiber Broadband

Building next-generation gigabit architecture and outstanding subscriber experience into today’s networks is a sound investment.

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Mapping as a Strategic Tool

Kit Carson Electric Cooperative used VETRO FiberMap to reduce troubleshooting time and meet demand for new fiber broadband service.

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Q&A With Jeremiah Sloan, Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation: Arkansas Co-op Builds Fiber Fast

Using a digital network construction solution helped CECC deploy a fiber network 55 percent faster than expected and 12 percent under budget.

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