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Hot Products: 16th Annual List of Leading Broadband Technologies & Services

The latest offerings from top broadband hardware and software suppliers, distributors and service providers.

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Editor's Note: Serving the Underserved

New ideas are needed to get adequate broadband to rural areas.

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Bandwidth Hawk: 5G: A Welcome Evolution

Wireless advances will make fiber networks easier to build and finance.

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Know What I'd Do If I Were You?

After a decade of advising service providers and property owners, the author is once again on the receiving end of advice. Helpful comments from readers are welcome!


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The Pitfalls of Uncontrolled Access

Multifamily real estate owners should control access to their buildings, their infrastructure and their residents. Here’s why.

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Managed Wi-Fi as an Amenity Enclave on Golden Triangle, Fort Worth, Texas

Real estate investment company Cottonwood Residential is standardizing on bulk services as a technology amenity – and, in the Charter Communications service area, on Charter’s Community Managed Wi-Fi service in particular. One of its first deployments, which helped prove the success of this strategy, was at Enclave on Golden Triangle. Thanks to Chris Spadone of Charter’s Spectrum Community Solutions and Scott Russell of Cottonwood Residential for gathering the information for this profile.


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State Legislators And the Gigabit Desert

How can state legislators help spread the gigabit wealth to more constituents? That’s not a rhetorical question – this legislator is looking for new ideas.

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Georgia Tackles the Digital Divide

Rural Georgians were falling ever further behind their metropolitan neighbors in terms of broadband access. Now the state legislature is preparing a comprehensive initiative to address the problem.

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Rural Broadband And Quality of Life

To preserve what matters most to rural quality of life, it’s necessary to balance digital opportunities and technological disruptions.

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5G is Not the Answer For Rural Broadband

5G wireless, due to begin rolling out in 2020, will improve mobile broadband and support the internet of things. It may even be suitable for fixed broadband in dense urban areas. But it has neither the capacity nor the cost-effectiveness to address the rural fixed broadband gap.

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Breaking Telecom Monopolies

In many rural areas, traditional operators have failed to invest in telecommunications infrastructure. Strategic investments by property owners, groups of owners, local associations and local governments can jump-start competition.


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A Local Ownership Approach to Broadband

How to pay for the last mile, sustainably and at low risk


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No Municipal Utility? No Problem

Until recently, most municipal fiber networks were built by existing municipal utilities. Experience with outside plant, billing and customer service gave them a head start toward providing broadband. But today, cities without utility departments are forging new paths to build and operate broadband networks.


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Fiber in Kent County

A partnership among a county government, a regional dark fiber network and a retail service provider is a win-win-win deal. The biggest winners are the county residents making a quantum leap from dial-up to FTTH.


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Data-Driven Fiber Projects

An up-front investment in data can help cities build cost-efficient fiber networks that meet the needs of residents and businesses.

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The Network of the Future Is Already Here

The next generation of FTTH networks is already being deployed. NG-PON makes possible amazing speed, symmetrical service and the convergence of residential, business and mobile networks.

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A New Name in the Fiber Game

Fiber to the home is still a great idea. But fiber networks are just as important for businesses, cellular networks, innovation and more. Given today’s realities, “fiber broadband” is a better description of the endgame for broadband networks.

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