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Editor's Note: Community Broadband Is a Local Choice

Citizens and local elected officials should be able to control their communities’ broadband destinies.

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Bandwidth Hawk: Broadband for Rural Areas and the Poor? Fuggedaboudit!

Economic development in rural areas depends on broadband access – but the FCC’s current initiatives won’t help.

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Blueberries or Broadband, Consumer Shifts Are Real

Amazon just upended the grocery industry. Why didn’t its competitors see that coming?

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Using Resident and Community Data

Service providers already have what they need to improve connectivity experiences in multifamily housing.

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Disney/ESPN’s Risky Streaming Strategy

Has Disney traded the cable TV model for a handful of magic beans?

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Student Housing, Texas-Size: TAMU Park West, College Station, Texas

Faced with a tight deadline and a large student-housing project at Texas A&M University, Servitas Management Group engaged one of its traditional partners, Synergy Fiber, to install and run all IT services. Our thanks to Trey Verbick of Servitas and Doug Karaska, vice president of projects and deployments at Synergy, for gathering the information for this profile.

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FCC Should Focus On Broadband Experience

In its annual assessment of the state of advanced telecommunications capability, the FCC should forget about speed and focus on the capacity to provide an excellent broadband experience.

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A Record Increase In Municipal Fiber Broadband

Broadband Communities’ 2017 census of municipal and public-private fiber networks now shows 216 active projects – and many more in preliminary stages.

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Slow and Steady Wins the Fiber Race

Three communities find success in incremental fiber network builds.

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Why Municipal Networks Should Be Disruptive

The traditional telecom model is not working. For a locality to succeed with a municipal broadband alternative, it can’t just duplicate the incumbent model.

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Huntsville Becomes a Gig City

Huntsville Utilities in Alabama is pioneering a new model for community broadband.
So far, all the signs look good.

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Topics in Community Broadband

Q&A with Cheri Beranek, CEO of Clearfield Clearfield’s fiber management equipment is used in many community broadband networks, and the company is known for working closely with small deployers ...
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Engaging the Community

Generating community support for a broadband project is critical for its success.

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Planning for Poles

Too many fiber network projects fail because deployers make unrealistic assumptions about pole attachments. Don’t let that happen to your project!

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Feasibility Studies for Municipal Broadband

What communities should do during the planning phase of a broadband project – and what they can save for later

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Companies Whose Offerings Support Fiber for the New Economy Broadband transforms communities, rebuilds urban centers, revitalizes schools, stimulates economic growth and delivers innovative residential and business services. Uniquely ...
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The Connect America Fund Reverse Auction

The FCC’s Connect America Phase II reverse auction gives competitive providers a shot at getting USF support to build broadband networks in unserved rural areas where incumbent providers have chosen not to build. The process is complicated – at best.

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Clean Up Your Act

Fiber networks are more reliable when the installation is kept clean.

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